Thursday, 18 August 2016

Is that me ?

Recently, a lot of bloggers  have discussed their personal battles with their physical appearance. For me, I've  felt low when I've been reminiscing through old photos it's made me feel  very conscious of current body shape. Over a year ago. I had gotten to ten stone. I felt happy until I suddenly gained two stone, and  now, weighing twelve stone meaning my BMI is in th obese category since  I'm 5ft 1.

My body shape is a pear  like most British women meaning a slimmer upper body  compared to a lower half of big hips, a big bottom, large thighs and saddle bags. I'm more of a muscular hourglass,a pear bottom and muscular calfs. On a positive note, I  seem to carry  my weight well but I would love to be ten stone again. 

Sometimes it's hard to believe how active I used to be as a kid,  I was always very active I cycled, rode horses and swam. I stopped being active, I went into a slump since struggled with fluctuating weight. When I was a student, I never ate so well I lived on veg broth, tinned sardines, yoghurt and fruit. I also had gruelling days of working in eleven hours shifts gaining experience being on my feet every day. I failed my first year, also I had a lot of personal issues going on as well, me being my worst enemy, I struggled with my dyslexia as I have issues with sequencing and unable to retain information definitely not what you from a surgical nurse. I don't reget doing it. 

I'm quite fortunate that most of  my clothes still fit be reasonably well, but I tend to prefer stretchy fabrics. A couple of my skirts are slight too tight it's kind of depressing I no longer feel comfortable wearing them. I still aim to lose the weight somehow.

I've cheered up to tonight as I received some photographs that were taken last week for an event I've ended up being involved in organising. They made feel more positive about my body images. 

So a couple of months again, I suggested to the Manger of Bensham Grove. I've blogged about this place a few times, it's where I go for sewing classes, I just love the place. Anyway, I'm wondering off topic, so I suggested about holding a goth or alternative event, so I didn't think much of it. About a month ago, we had a meeting about what the event will be and potential ideas. Today, we've had another meeting with one of the Trustees and finalising ideas for the events. Instead, the event turned into a seasonal mystical themed event with independent crafters, workshops and beverages. 

Doing some of the photos were fun, one my said they would come and be a "model"( I don't really see this as modelling or anything more a bit of laugh). So, she dropped as she was busy with work, it was a shame. It was fun having dressed up in my goth finery that hasn't seen the light of day for centuries. The manager had lit the Garden with lanterns and the house looked beautiful it felt  very fairy tale. The photo was taken just during Twilight when the sun set. To try and create a mystical, and spooky feel. 

Below are some of my Favourites. 

This was the picture that has been chosen to advertise the event:

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

DIY: Hair Clips

I've been developing a bit  of an obsession with hair accessories, the collection hasn't been  too expensive. The only problem, I'm having is finding things I like. 

My growing collection of hair clips.

I bought a cheap pack of hair clips for 39 pence from Home Bargains,  with the intention of making more hair clips. 

I purchased black butterflies with plastic gems attached to their abdomens; they were so pretty and  love butterflies. I bought the pack from eBay for £1.85  a pack of 50. The pack were an amazing  bargain and good quality for the money. 

The clips were so easy to make, I applied super glue to the wide side of the clip and stuck the  butterflies on the clip. I gently held for a minute using the tip of my finger and placed on a flat surface to dry. I recommend leaving them for fifteen minutes to dry.  I adore them, altogether cost twenty-three pence to make. I've seen similar ones in Claires Accessories for £3.50. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

This Week

This week has been a paradox as it's gone both slowly and fast. I've dedicated most of my time to the house or running errands for the house such as getting paint. Otherwise it's been a  mundane week. 

Everything started off at full steam and things have seemed to grounded to a halt. The shoddily installed ensuite bathroom was stripped on Tuesday morning,  I had the kitchen designer come out,  and the sledgehammer blow after hearing the quote for the bathroom. This week is the first time in my life where I've felt like a proper adult with a mortgage and now responsible for a house. Also, an unexpected point was the boiler, so now the boiler needs replacing now. I'm still awaiting the kitchen quote. I booked the date for the bathroom installation.  So on Wednesday, I had a break from everything as it got too much. 

At least on the brighter side this week, I found Wilkinson's (for non-UK readers it's general house good store) do their own cheap magnolia paint five litres for £10, and whiter than white for £6. It's saving me some money, and the paint makes a very good undercoat. On Friday, I visited B&Q (a hardware superstore). I stocked up on more Rustoleum gloss black liquorice  paint as it was on sale for two for £24, and I got some beautiful wallpaper for £2,  Which made me revise the bedroom design, after, consulting the Boyfriend and receiving  his apathetic blessing I can wallpaper our bedroom. Unfortunately, B&Q sold out of  the wall paper, but I've  found a couple of places have stocked this on the internet. 

I turn 28 this month and  not feeling too bothered about it. While chatting with the boyfriend, on a night we decided to go to Whitby for a night or two and visit his Mam in Barnard Castle, which won't blow the bank. I looking forward to it to the break. I'll be posting about the Whitby Trip.  

Taken in Feb 2013

Sunday, 31 July 2016

House Update

It's official, I'm a homeowner. The exchange has gone smoothly no with no hiccups. After looking more closely, I had a lot of regrets about purchasing the house and thinking what the hell have I done. Especially, after seeing the huge black mould in the corner, which got me scared to death; as the house has had previous damp issues, fortunately, it's cover by a twenty years guarantee.  The mould has been caused a from a leak from a washing machine. The good thing is we can still live in the flat while the work is carried out in the house. 

 I originally thought the house needed  a lick of paint, the hallway needed skimming, and a bath plumbed in, well, all that's gone out of the window. I'm not focusing on renovating the kitchen and bathroom, which just waiting for quotes. 

Currently, I have an ensuite bathroom attached to the front room which looks like a bodge job and feels the best option is to return it strip it all out. I'm going to reuse the sink and toilet into the main bathroom. All I know it's not going to be cheap, and I'm hoping it's not going to blow my budget. 

The boyfriend has a friend whose a kitchen fitter and plumber came around to look at the work. He has arranged for someone from a trade kitchen company  to come with a design a kitchen.  His friend has agreed to strip the ensuite out next Tuesday. 

Last Friday, I had my dressing table delivered, and Saturday, I finally got my gothic display cabinet I won on it on eBay. I've already purchased the sofa. I need to get wardrobes for the bedroom.  

The dressing table

The display cabinet

I've been stocking up on secondhand finds from gumtree, charity shops, and the car boot sale.

Gumtree lot

Charity Shop finds.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Carbooty Haul

I'm not sure if car boot sale is a British's eccentricities or whether other countries do this. I think other countries have flea markets.  Carboots involve people getting up at the crack dawn to buy and sell old tat from the boot of cars (hence the name). It usually takes place anywhere from rugby grounds to even farmer markets, typically they tend to be in the most unreachable place to get unless you drive.

The has been a surge in popularity with car boot sales as people have cottoned to them being able to find bargains. especially, when the Antiques Roadshow advertising some long lost treasure that sells for a lot of money. At the height of its popularity even, the BBC produced a daytime programme about them and experts offering advice;  No wonder why we're known for being slightly bonkers. 

My own personal experience of being a teeny greeny goth (a local and personal term for a baby bat) meant I found awesome treasures of clothing, jewellery and trinket to decorate my room. Mam  was more than happy to indulge my desires of fifty pence for a pendant and £1 for top or skirt she more than happy to contribute.  I even still have the items somewhere in her forsaken loft. Yay, I get to have everything in one place again, sorry I'm so stoked about the house.

Fortunately, the one I went to the bus drops  outside the rugby club, The car booty gods were in my favour and luring me with temptations . I've found some many goodies for prices only a tight git could dream of, so I'm high as a kitty with catnip. After spending the silly sum for a settee, I'm wanting to save money where possible. 

I took the photo while waiting for the bus.I was so lucky to find a candles stand for £2 I'm planning to put this in my sitting room.

Currently, I'm going through a phase of collecting hair clips I bought these for £1. 

These were my top bargain chenille curtains for £3. I plan to hang them in the sitting room 

Originally, the item were 50 pence each but the seller was lovely and let me have the for a pound.
I was considering to paint the candlestick a black. I think prefer it's present condition.

50 pence for the roses. 

I paid 50 pence for the photo frame. 

50 pence for the black lamp shade. 

I paid for £2 for the lamp but I tested it out it doesn't work, so the boyfriend offered to fix. it. It's a shame but, I love this lamp .

I found as handmade quilt and cushions I paid £2; there's some lovely cat detail all over. it  

I've been looking for a mantle clock everywhere and found this for 50 pence.

Matching candlesticks a pound, you can't have too many candle holders

The lamp shade was £1 thinking of putting in the hallway. 

The soap dish was  fifity pence , I'm considering painting black.

I did even find some clothing.
I found a gothic lolita style top for fifty pence.

I bought a bobbly ruffled jumper for fifty pence. It only needs a de -bobble.. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Gothing it up in Hexham

Last Tuesday was just a beautiful, bright day that warranted a trip out. I had no plans about where to go except needing the urge to escape the flat. I originally decided to walk over to Gosforth and to take photos on the way. As soon as I step out of the house, I felt an overwhelming urge to visit Hexham. I  quickly dashed to the bus stop, fortuitously,  caught the express bus. I  sat back enjoying the stunning rolling and verdant hills of Northumbria.

My intention was to  thrift in the town's glamorous charity  shops usually they stock quality items at reasonable prices;  I end up finding bagfuls of items. I started out at Cancer Research which is located near to the bus stop. I was so ecstatic to find a third pot of this type (photo below). As the boyfriend, and I are moving soon woohoo.  I've been slowly collecting up on accessories. The one thing I've struggled to find is canisters for tea and coffee.  I found one of these pots a few months ago in Whitley Bay slowly developed a small collection and this is the final one to complete the set. 

I headed towards the RSPCA charity shop, where I struck black gold where I purchased  three skirts for £9. I found so many wonderful finds they and excellent selections of items. I found a three mid-length skirts which seem to have a sort of gothic lolita aesthetic. I've been looking for these style of skirts for a little while and two of the seem perfect for the summer weather; especially, with the abnormal meditation conditions. I'm finding it uncomfortable wearing maxi skirts because of the humidity.  

I love this skirt it's by Marks and Sparks (Spencers); the lace of the skirt resemble handmade lace which is simular to the lace from Brugge in Belguim  and Malta. It had a modern take on a Victorian mourning skirt.


I was lured into Gaia ( a new age shop selling ethical and spiritual items) via the gorgeous incense aroma.  I wondering in afterwards, spotted a witch mobile I fell in love with instantly and purchased it. I considering putting this into my new kitchen or hallway. I While at the counter, I came across of the soaps and queried the vendor about them. I smelled the soap and before I knew it two of the cinnamon and orange soaps were on the counter. 

While chatting with the vendor the topic turned to  Lush and the issues I had with their products; particularly the ones that contain  sodium lauryl sulphate. The assistant  described their dislike for overpowering smell put the off. She recommended a the lavender soap and found it soothing to use. All of sudden, she kindly offered me the Lavander soap for free to try on the condition I tell her about my  experiences using the soap.  I felt overwhelmed by her kindness, I politely refused, I was reassured that it was fine I should take the soap.  

I found a wonderful mug in the charity shop for 50 pence. I adore this mug as it depicts  Whitby during a dark full night. The  notable part  for myself has to St Mary's and the iconic ruin of Whitby abbey.  

I heading to towards the bus stop and spotted 70% off last years Halloween products, I purchased the bat candle for £1.80 instead of £6. 
Afterwards shopping, I went to sit down to relax in the park to take a few photos and enjoy a cuppa tea, 

Taking pictures of the same place but in different weathers does create a different perspective of a place. It's lovely to see the abbey in a sunny weather. 

During the summer month,  I love trying to photograph insects especially bumble bees.  

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Great News I've bought house

In about months time I turn 28 eek, I'm terrified of ageing. Another big development is I'm purchasing my first house with the Boyfriend we are about to exchange contracts in over a week. I'm both anxious and excited about the change of life as it signals I'm a grown up, all I can think is that I'm getting older.  At the same time in Britain, to be on the property market  at the age of 27 is unbelievable as the average person is in their mid-thirties to get on the property. 

We are only moving around the corner in the neighbouring street, I'm so happy . I love the area, there is a great community feel and loads happening. There is an interesting alternative, creative. multicultural area. Some the local amenities include  Asian fabric shops and a beautiful park at the end the street. I'm so excited.

We've purchased a Victorin terrace with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two reception rooms (a lot of two's) and a huge kitchen perfect to practice my culinary skills. Yeah, right but it'll allow me more space for baking. Currently, we both live in his two bedroom flat that has accommodated his bachelorhood for the last decade.  Since I've moved in his small flat has felt over crowded. It's caused problems between the boyfriend and me, as I'm unable to do any crafts and the boyfriend is wanting to work from home he can't do that at the moment. 

I've haven't wanted to mention anything earlier as we had issues with the mortgage lenders and the house has felt as though it's been in the background and just not felt real until recently. 

I'm looking forward to it, and I'll be posting about the progress of decorating the house.