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Glasses necessary, but not enough choice.

I've started my new job, as a customer advisor last week, I am in training for the next few weeks before getting onto the floor. My new role requires me to use continually  a computer, this differ from my previous job, when I worked as a health care assistant, where I never used IT.

 Since, I have started the job I've had recurring headaches and eye strain pains. I think because I haven't been wearing my glasses, however, I lost my glasses a few months ago, and I couldn't afford to buy news ones. Now, I know I have permanent and decent paying job, I've booked an appointment for the opticians.

I decided to do a post on Gothic style glasses as there is not much choice for people who alternative tastes . I have very somber tastes and chosen a simple pair of Ralph Lauren frames. Personally, I prefer to buy quality and if I can afford it, I like to buy designer, depending on the item.

These are the Ralph Lauren including lenses are £209, I love these style of frames as…

Trip to York

Yorkshire museum This was the first place, I visited after stepping off the train in York.  It was only five minutes walk from the train station, and the museum sits in the beautiful museum park. I will talk about some of my favorite exhibitions and include photographs. It cost me £7.50 for entrance to the museum, which I found expensive, until, it was explained I could use the museum pass for over a year.

The Yorkshire Philosophical Society commissioned the museum to be built, and it was opened it in 1830. The purpose was to house their expanding geological and archaeological collections. Williams Wilkins was commissioned to oversee the design and building incorporated Grecian design.

The museums collections exhibitions included collections and artifacts from; the Prehistoric, Roman, Viking, medieval, Tudor eras and natural historical display of animals .
When I first entered the museum, I was greeted in the foyer by Mars, the God of War. The museum highlighted it, as one of the f…

Shopping in Hexham

I have visited a couple of places before I start my new job. On Tuesday, I traveled to Hexham, which is an old medieval market town, located twenty miles from Newcastle. It's a beautiful historic town, with an ancient abbey, historic streets, a Victorian park and a market held on every Tuesday and Saturday. I traveled by train to the Hexham from Newcastle. 

Shopping I went for a charity shopping trip to Hexham; it's a tremendous place for finding high-quality items for bargain prices. I had an eventful shopping trip and brought a few items. I've included photographs of my finds from the charity shops; 

Scope -  a wool jumper made by  Wolsey - £4.50

 Oxfam -  black ruffled mesh blouse by Next - £4.99

Cancer research  black top by Next -£4.00

Cancer research - black silk & viscose velvet skirt by Kew (tags intact)  - £4.00

Save the Children - PVC waist belt - £2 
My Outfit  I wanted to show you my outfit I wore. I apologize about the following picture it isn't great. 

Another post about my trip to Bristol

Hi everybody, I just wanted to do another post of my trip to Bristol and share the fantastic sites, I saw. 
The first place I visited was Christmas street and steps, which was an amazing hidden gem. Every shop had a unique and individual frontage; it resembled Diagon Alley, from Harry Potter.  Christmas Street is meant to be one of the oldest streets in Bristol, and during medieval times it was named Queene Street. Originally, the street it used to have steps that were narrow, muddy and a steep street connecting the bridge over Frome to the St Bartholomew's Hospital. The steps  built in 1669, and temporarily named Lansford Stairs, after a Cavalier officer who was killed at the top of stairs, during the English Civil war. 
Bristol Cathedral was the next place I visited. Any place I visit, I love to see any, cathedrals, abbeys, churches or chapels. I don't know the reason for this, except to see the artwork and craftsmanship human hands built.

Bristol Cathedral, first founded in 1…