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New glasses

About a month ago I did a post on getting new glasses. When I went to the opticians the pair of glasses, I selected are not the pair glasses I mentioned on my blog posted Glasses necessary, but not enough choice.

These  are my favorite pair by Prada, I usually buy Prada frames as they are simple and classically designed. 
The glass case came in this mock crocodile box .

These are my new glasses in the slimline glass case. 

These are the side view of glasses, I love these with pink contrast with the black, I love the Prada name and the pink mirror detail. 

These are my second pair of glasses the Ralph Laren pair I tend mainly use these as the were cheapest pair . 
This is a picture of  the glasses case 

Side of view of my Ralph Laren glasses they are a baby pink frame with a mock turtle pattern. When I brought these I thought they were solid black until I looked into the ligght and showed the pattern 

The are front view of my glasses 

Interesting places in Gateshead and Newcastle : Saltwell Park

Saltwell Park is located half a mile away from Gateshead town Centre. It's located between Shipcote, Lowfell and Bensham. It has won many awards; Britain's Best Park and the Green Flag. It's one of Gateshead top visitor attractions, and one of the finest examples of a Victorian Parks in the North East. (1)

Saltwell Park was opened in 1876, and designed by Edward Kemp; Gateshead Council purchased it for £35,000 from the previous owner William Wailes. (2). The park was referred as the 'Peoples Park'(1). On the park's opening day, it was celebrated, as a public holiday as the factories were closed; allowing the working class to observe the ceremony (2)

Inside the park, Wailes built designed and built the fantastical folly Castle Saltwell Towers.With the typical Victorian combination style using Gothic architectural influences with use of decorative tower, tall chimney stacks, the entrance tower with crenelated parapets,  and Gothic archway door . Wailes took inspir…

Interesting places in Newcastle and Gateshead: St. Mary's Heritage Centre.

St May's previously was a church which closed in 1979 and left to decay. With help from Gateshead Council, the heritage lottery and the European Regional Development fund contributed £1.2 million pounds to transform the once ruined church in St Mary's Heritage Centre. The Centre provides a wide resource of historical information about Gateshead to the local community and visitors. The Centre provides a whole array of event to cater for everybody. The events they provide; local festival, workshops, classes, guide heritage walks, family history surgeries, concerts and performances. They have a gift shop selling local artisan crafts(1).  

A letter from St Bede's was mentioned to Utta, Abbott of Gateshead Supposedly in 623 AD, suggesting the age  there was a monastery in Gatehead around that time (2).  The church originally, may of been built in the Gateshead monastery as  some records suggest 'monastery dating back to 635 AD, despite this there in no substantial  evidence …

Interesting place in Newcastle and Gateshead: Black Friars

I love this place as it's a great hidden gem, hidden away behind the narrow cobbled streets of Newcastle and China town. I think this is one of the oldest remaining parts of Newcastle. I love the medieval buildings are still standing here, considering they were built over several centuries ago. It's a great place to sit on a summer afternoon to read or eat lunch There are some local craft shops, along with a medieval style restaurant catering traditional English cusine. My favourite  jewellery shop is found here, and I have bought some fantastic pieces from here.

The Black Friars are the only remaining friaries left in Newcastle, and at one point it was one of the largest in England. It opened in the early 13th century and closed in 1539 because of  Henry VIII's reformation. Black Friars order  was based on the Dominican Order, founded in Italy in 1216, and  in 1221, the first Dominican Friaries arrived in England. Black friars refers to a nickname about the monks wearing …

Interesting places in Newcastle and Gateshead- St Mary's Cathedral

Hi, at the moment I am going to start a series of posts of some interesting places in Newcastle and Gateshead. Today, I am going to start off with  St. Mary's Cathedral, 
I love this Cathedral as it has a very usual interior, which incorporates Victorian  medieval and Gothic revival  styles. It's stunning to sit in and appreciate the glorious d├ęcor. I found I was lost in time in its beauty, despite the mismatching color scheme and different use of materials, such as wood and tiles. The contrasting interior scheme magnanimously works in the celebration of God and the followers of the Catholic faith. Personally, I am not religious, but I took great delight in walking around and admiring the building.  

St Mary's Cathedral is the only Catholic Cathedral in Newcastle. It was built by the prominent Victorian Architect Augustus Welby Pugin, who is famous for designing the interior of the House of Parliament at Westminster. The Church was built in the early 1840's, . In Later y…