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DIY: Netbook decal

I've had my current netbook for two and half years; it is has been around half  the planet accompanying me, travelling .It's not the flashiest thing; however, it continues to work, despite its hard life It  accompanies  me everywhere, it's my most precious possession, along with my hard drive. If I ever had, a fire it's the only item I would save. 

When I first got it a friend recommended getting a decal to protect the front lid.  I originally had a white tiger decal on the screen to protect the front of it and after a while I got sick of looking at it . Only after removing it, I realised that the screen was getting damaged. So, I wanted a new decal, but I have looked everywhere for one and can't find one I like. I was browsing on the Internet, and I got the idea to purchase sticky back plastic and covered the back of the computer screen with it.

I was looking  on the hobby craft website, a chain of stores in the UK, that sells a range of craft items. I found a role…

Gateshaead's Oxfam charity shop

I came home from my Boyfriends, and I went to look in Oxfam charity shop. Normally, I avoid going into Oxfam shops because I tend to find they can be overpriced for the quality of items they're selling; especially in more affluent areas they tend to charge extortionate prices. Oxfam shop in Gateshaed is reasonable priced, and I always get amazing finds. Generally, I prefer to support more local and animal charity shops, but if I can find a great bargain and support a good cause, I can't argue.

Oxfam background information 

Oxfam was first established in 1942, and the name originated from the Oxford committee for famine relief. The committee campaigned for food donations to be delivered to Greece  because The Allies established a Navel blockade; preventing supplies to be delivered to the enemy country, leading to the population to starve. In 1995, Oxfam became an international charity  providing aid and reducing injustice along with poverty. It's implementing long term strate…

An Afternoon in Hexham

On Tuesday, I was sick of being indoors, so I decided to visit Hexham. In previous a post 
Shopping In Hexham  . I sojourned in Hexham for an afternoon, and I completed my usual Charity shop rummage in forty minutes.  To be honest I spent most of time looking around Hexham Abbey, I have fallen in love with. Recently, I watched the Gothic season on BBC Four, which has lit my passion for Gothic Architecture, and I'm intrigued to learn more about the subject.

These are some various photographs of Hexham :

My charity Shop Finds 

I found this beautiful  wool jumper by M&S for £3, from Tynedale Hospice, it's Hexham's local hospice,  a complete bargain. 

I got this amazing gothic pvc waist cincher and buckle studded belt. It a little worn, however looked amazing on. I bought this from the RSPC charity shop for 99p, it by Dorthy Perkins, which do something fantastic styles of gothic clothing considering it high street shop.   
Hexham Abbey. 
This is background history of the Abbey. I…

Places of the Interest Newcastle and Gateshead : The City Hall - Mini Mayfair

In recent years, the Newcastle rock scene, has slowly been strangled and squeezed to death leaving very few decent rock nights left to attend especially, on a Saturday night. Newcastle once had a one of the most prominent rock communities in the UK. It was home to the Mayfair Ballroom, which provided a home for Newcastle's rock community on a Saturday night, and a venue for a whole host of gigs. I know many people who've attended the Mayfair, and I have heard them talking about their fantastic experiences; this makes me feel as though I've missed out.The Mayfair shut its door in 1999; I was eleven years old, at the time and too young to attend.

The Mayfair was hailed as both Europe's biggest and longest running Rock venues.(1). The Mayfair ballroom, first opened its doors on the 12th September 1961, and the last event was held on 21st of August 1999. It's estimated over 5,000 rockers turned out for the event to say their goodbyes, despite the building able to safel…