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Professor' home work assignment

I really wanted to part take in the Professor's homework assignment for January. Her assignment was about completing a new or finishing off a craft project that has been gathering dust in the too do box. I absolutely, love this topic as I am really into arts and crafts; I primly, sew clothing, with the occasional bag. I've tried to explore other crafts like cross stitch, proggy and knitting . Unfortunately, my knitting skills don't exist, I couldn't even manage to complete a full knit line. However, proggy and cross stitch were more successful, the proggy and cross stitch are so easy to complete. My  cross stitch skills need more practice, yet I find after long periods of time  it can get tedious.

Properly like everyone else I've put off quite a few projects that were never completed because of various reason.

These are some of the ideas I will complete over the next year.

Proggy mat,

Last year, I attended a proggy making class on a Sunday afternoon, where the group …

My Friend's Business

I love mentioning people or small businesses to promote free advertisement or to inform readers. I couldn't resist mentioning my friend, Kerry Anne, who is trying to set up her own business . If any one's interested there is link to click on to browse the website with her aims and story. I think it's great to be an advocate and supporter of local crafts and small businesses. It's something I am realising as I get older the value of small independent businesses play in the world. Especially, considering when you can purchase something  that is uniquely made, locally sourced rather than mass produced.

Kerry -Anne hopes to set up her own business to make textile art for kids both small, and at heart. She's starting her business and ultimately she wants to operate her own classes to help children from not so under privileged backgrounds and to promote the value of recycling through crafts.

Thanks to my readers for their to time to check it out

Kerry Anne's website.…

My days off

I started off by making a sloth look like  a triathlon champion. On Wednesday, I ventured as far as the kettle and bathroom for the necessary human needs, like tea. I literally played on Skyrim and slept, totally shameful and wasteful use of time however, so pleasurable. I even read John Polidori's the Vampyre within an hour, this extraordinarily quick for me typically I'm a slow reader. 

Thursday, I became more proactive and caught up with clothes washing, and posted a couple item's on ebay as I've started to declutter. I finally changed my bedding. It hadn't been changed since literally last year, (to describe this I refer to my local dialect) I've been a very dirty minger, translation; I've been a disgusting  person. I climbed into bed last night, and the smell of clean sheets is an intoxicating and enticing smell of pleasure to be cocooned in. Whilst watching the Piano, one my favourite movies and the film's sound track is beautifully wri…

Saving money

With the new year feeling increasingly distanced, and I am settling back into the routine of everyday life after the festive season. I am intending to look increasingly at my bank balance. Currently, I want to save as much money as possible; however, anybody who knows me would call me a tight git . I don't mean to be it's just as I get older and slightly wiser I try to avoid unnecessary shopping at any cost as I waste my money on things that won't see the light of day. 

This how I try to save money:

1. Free entertainment - I  used to download free pdfs novels but found it difficult to  read, until recently, I downloaded the free Kindle app and downloaded the kindle books for free.  I also still use the library. This benefits me as it reduces the amount of clutter I own.

2. I watch watch you tube, it's fantastic for watching films and t.v shows. I often watch t.v shows on demand. 

3. I often shop in charity shops or discount stores or during sales. There are some markets …

Wow, 1000 viewers

Earlier today, I was checking for any new blog posts to read during my break my at work, and I was absolutely astonished to see I had achieved 1000 views, amazing. I can't believe I've achieved this so far with four accounted followers; this has gone beyond anything I've expected . I merely started my blog too practice my writing skills and never expected anything more. I aim to continue, to harness and improve my blog as I develop with more interesting and readable posts.

Thanks to every one who has taken their time to read my blog.


Good Night Out ,

On Saturday, me and the boyfriend went out to his favourite night at the Mini Mayfair. I previously mentioned on my blog the Mini Mayfair night on Places of the Interest Newcastle and Gateshead : The City Hall - Mini Mayfair.

I was good on Saturday night as I didn't drink any alcohol and stuck mainly to pop. I wish I could admit this was my attempt to do the Professor's Bat fit challenge, (that's started horrendously and another blog post). Honestly, I'd been working on a 12 hour shift, and if I drink alcohol when I'm tired it usually sends me to sleep. I managed too pull myself together with the assistance of a hot bath along with a a cup of milky coffee, and I was out the door within 40 minutes from the time of getting to my boyfriend's front door

It was a decent night with a usual line up of songs. I was elated to hear a small selection of noughties new metal that crept into the line up.This  holds a special place in my heart as its  the music I listened to as…

Life up date- An unexciting new year

This week has followed the habitual schedule of lying in bed till yonder, watching junk T.V whilst's succumbing to the brainwashing effects of commercial advertisements, followed by a diet of absolute rubbish, resulting in me failing at the first hurdle of the professors Z's Bat fit challenge. My lifestyle
would put a sloth to shame, but the festive period is an excellent excuse to over indulge and laze around. This allowed me and my boyfriend a rare opportunity to spend some quality time together or he would consider driven mad and being exorbitant with his fridge.

I greeted the New Years by completing my blog post,under the influence of Liebfraumilch, a sweet German white wine, according to the boyfriend tastes like wee. Later, we welcomed the new years with the loud screeching and booming of fireworks whilst watching the Jules Holland retro sixties New Years special and when midnight came at 12:10 along the traditional Auld Lang syne. By one o'clock I fell asleep on th…