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The Great British Sewing Bee inspiration for refreshing techniques and ideas

In the UK the third series of Britain's Sewing Bee has kicked off; this series allows amateur  Sewers the opportunity to showcase their skills and fight for the title of Britain's best home sewer. In each episode, the contestants are tasked to create, design or alter a garment and are judged on the executions of skills, accuracy, and creativity. 

This year contestants;


I must confess; I haven't watched the previous series before. I decided only to watch the first episode out of curiosity as there was nothing to watch on tv. Since then, I've been watching the series on BBC Iplayer on the weekends when I stay at my boyfriends. Over the last few weeks, I certainly have developed my favourites competitors who also demonstrate the strongest skills.

My favourite competitors

Neil a Colonel in the army, who learnt to sew at school in protest to girls being allowed to join the rugby team. He admits his comrades continually mocked him for taking his sewing machine on…

A New rock night; Grindhouse

Throughout my blog, I'm always raving on about the demise of the Newcastle rock scene. On Saturday night, I saw a most wondrous spectacle of, new rocks, pvc, band t-shirts and  head banging.  Yay, it's a new rock night that's opened in Newcastle, Grindhouse. I first heard about this from the encyclopedia of all knowledge (the boyfriend) that a new rock night started a few month ago

Grindhouse has found a home within the Northumbria Student Union, it's held on the second floor in Red's Bar. The Northumbria Union is in a great location as it's the on the outskirts of Newcastle, it's still within walking distance of the city centre, yet, far enough away from the fights of the Big Market, this Newcastle's main spot for nights out and there always trouble.  Grindhouse occurs once a month on a Saturday, however the dates do vary, they regularly update their Facebook page with venue dates, so it's worth checking out their Facebook page. The entry fee is f…

Kitchen kataphernalia

For years, I loved collecting farm yard animal kitchen paraphernalia. For example: cookie jars, egg cups, mugs and other random tat. I loved the idea of displaying it in the kitchen.  I've noticed over the last few years; I've stopped collecting farm animals, and a small collection of black cat items have stalking over taken farm animals collection. I think subconsciously, it's occurred because of my experience of sharing my life with a cat, and the yearning to have a cat again, sadly, this may not happen.  I specifically love black cat items with green eyes as they resemble my ex's cat, Morganna, which remind me of her, whom I do miss.

I recently purchased the two  following items from A charity shop expedition to Whitley Bay:

 I fell in love with the tea pot which reminded me of Morganna siting next to the fire place and being hypnotized by it's dancing flames.The shape of the fire place is identical shape to my ex's fire place.

Coincidentally,  I found this …

My passion for libraries; my first encounters volunteering in a library

In a previous post, My days off, I recently mentioned that I offered to volunteer at Sunderland Road Library, and I arranged for my induction date. I've wanted to do this since last year because of personal circumstances it was hard for me to commit my time.

For me since being a kid, libraries were always my favourite place to be, despite struggling with reading. At that time, I spent a lot of time by myself, I would read, study, draw pictures and use a computer for the Internet when computers were an expensive, luxury item in the late 90's. During my adolescent period, without divulging too much information, this was a horrendous time in my life, specially at school was a living nightmare. At school the library offered me solace and became a sanctuary; I used to use the computers or read books, my favourite book to read was the Reader Digest's Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain, as mythology fascinated me, and provided an escapism.



Last year, I was relying …