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Life update

A lot has happened over the last few weeks, yet I've felt apathetic and uninspired to post anything

New Job

To begin with, I don't like to mention any employers or colleagues' names.

The reason for this:

1. Believe it's unprofessional, violation of company policy
2. It may lead termination of my position
3. May incur potential litigation for slander.

I sound as though I've been quoting company policies and procedure.

One of the significant changes is I've resigned from my previous job, and I've started a new one last Monday. I chose to leave my last job because I wasn't happy working there and found that my rota was severely impacting on my personal life, which led to me not performing to my best.

My rota was permanent, so I could at least schedule my life; however, I was working on 12-hour shifts. One week - I would work 40 hours in three days and have two days off, during my days off I felt like a zombie and slept most of it. Second week - I worked two days an…

My New skirt

Recently, I've been watching Britain's great sewing bee and felt inspired to sew. Yesterday afternoon, the urge got too much and overtook me, compelling me to create something, so I ended up making a retros eighty' short skirt for clubbing.

A few weeks ago, I made a trip to South Shields Market, which is a traditional market selling an array of goods, and offers a fantastic selection of fabrics for bargain prices

Random History of the South Shields Markets

The market's held on a Saturday and takes place around the 18th-century town hall. The market dates from 1768, where two acres of land were procured from the local Reverend in exchange for an income of £30 per a year. On the 24th of June 1771, a charter was created allowing for a weekly market and twice yearly fair to take place. Up until the mid-1800's the market sold farmers produce and declined making a minimal profit. In 1854, the Market was purchased by the Corporation for £500 and soon the market thrived …

Yay, my finished proggy mat

About a two months ago, in a couple of blog posts, my days off and the Professors homework assignment I discussed about making a proggy mat. After using three fleece blankets from Primark and two jumpers, and hours of latching strips of fabric through hessian, I've finally completed my mat.

This is the finished product