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Brighton Part 3

Tuesday Morning 
Fabric Finds
This morning I explored the town center and went on a charity shop hunt, but to no avail I didn't find anything, apart from fabric. I found an a fabric store, containing a treasure-trove of cloth; purchased material for a total of £5.50. I plan to make a skater style skirt and a fairy tutu skirt for clubbing out of the material

New Hair Cut
On a spur of the moments decision,  I decided to get my hair trimmed. I passed a hairdresser's advertising haircuts for £9. Considering it's been over a year since my hair was cut, and my hair is driving me nuts with it state. So, I gathered my courage and went, usually I avoid hairdressers like the bubonic plague they usally cut my hair far too short.

Brighton Pavilion
Background Information
The Pavilion was built in three stages, building commenced in 1787 and commissioned by George the Prince Regent, as a Seaside Retreat and pleasure palace. Also, he discreetly indulged his long term affair with Maria Fitzhe…

My First Ale and Cider Festival

On Wednesday, the 15 of April something important happened I lost my virginity, but not in a sexual way. I finally attended my first Beer and cider festival;  it was spectacular trying out a whole array of proper ciders. The boyfriend has been counting down the days since last June, and wanting me to attend. The lucky sod even booked holidays to get drunk to take full advantage of the festival and taste the various craft beers. Unfortunately, with starting my new job it's wasn't going to be appropriate to take time off to get drunk with my boyfriend   I mean share in the merriment of the festivities.

The Boyfriend is an avid lover of real ales and traditional beers; he's also a regular patron to beer festivals across the North East of the England where he likes to sample the different choices on draught. Unfortunately, I hate beer and lagers they make cringe. I'm still searching for the elusive one who doesn't make me gag after a few sips. There is one that comes …

Brighton Part 2

On Monday, I had planned to start off early, I change my plans because I wasn't feeling great and walked up to boots for medication.   I passed Weatherspoons and noticed a mutable friend of mine and The Boyfriends drinking coffee I went in, ended having breakfast together and chatted about general stuff.

By the time TB and I were organised we grabbed a cup of coffee from Cafe Revolution, I ordered a fruit smoothie and carrot cake (my favourite) was moist and creamy. TB and  I departed ways, and  I went off to explore the lanes.

The Lanes 

The Lanes is a maze of narrow alleyways and a mismatch of historic buildings spanning from Tudor to Mock Georgian styles. The streets resemble Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. The Lanes are one of the older parts of Brighton. East street goes back to the 14th century. Formerly the Town was known as Hempshates, a tiny fishing town with open fields where fishermen grew hemp for nets until re-developed in the 16th and 17th century. Brightonhelmston,…

Brighton part 1

Currently, I am on holiday in Brighton and planning to do a series of posts about my trip. It's my first time visiting Brighton, and it somewhere I've wanted see. It came about a few months ago the Boyfriend asked if I fancied going down to Brighton. Every year he travels down to attend his annual conference and suggested that room was already payed for, so I elatily agreed to the opportunity

We left Newcastle at 1:50 pm by train arrive at Brighton for 6:15 pm. It was 10 minutes walk to the hotel.

My first thoughts

Brighton does have a fusion of traditional sea resort feeling with its pier and Victorian illuminations on a night on the sea front. The town resembles a mixture of  Bath, Bristol, and York because of its combination of architecture, seaside taverns, medieval streets and, Regency Georgian buildings.  It does have an alternative, Boeheim, and free spirit atmosphere captured by the mixture of people and array of colorful buildings . I 'm looking forward to explori…

Nightmare hair and no tights.Great night out at the Mini Mayfair

I've done another post about me, and the boyfriends exploit at the Mini Mayfair. I think I've done at least two or three posts on the MMF Places of the Interest Newcastle and Gateshead: The City Hall - Mini Mayfair and Good Night Out. I'm feeling as though my blog is transforming more into the alternative nightlife blog for Newcastle since my recent posts have been reviews on local nightlife involving me being inebriated. However, I guess blogs are about our personal perspectives and interactions of the world.  Enough of my ramblings and finally for the titled post.

Me and the boyfriend have missed the mini for a couple of months due to each other feeling either ill or tired. I had an amazing night despite my outfit turning out to be a disaster.

During last year, I've developed a level of confidence where I'd  visit rock clubs wearing walking boots, a comfy jumper and combats. I no longer cared what I looked like, but  I was more concerned with enjoying myself. Si…

Nature and me

The Professor has provided her fellow bloggers with the task of posting anything to do with nature. In celebration of the Northern Hemisphere returning from the depths of winter and entering spring with new life blossoming while small shoots of greenery and colour are awakening from their hibernation.

The brief left me a lot of room to cover in the post and I'm not too sure where to even begin. As I've been suffering from blogger's block. So I've decided to be very random, and as one prominent blogger advised me just have fun with it.

What Nature means to me
Nature is a physical occurrence that comes through a variety of physical things like plants animals, and diverse landscapes or by-products created by Nature. Nature is something man has tried to tame and control both environmentally and internally. Just as a man thinks that nature has been conquered it rebels against its bondage. Nature shows it can't be controlled by man it breaks through and toys with man'…