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Gothing up my tablet case

In May, I was mooching around the tech aisle in Asda and eying up the Samsung tablets on sale; I wanted to replace my current one that worked brilliantly as a Kindle, but it was basic with only a couple hours of battery life.  I bought the Samsung Tab 4 for £120, indeed a superfluous purchase, yet operates more efficiently in comparison to the old one and the battery lasts much longer. I am happy to say the old tablet was donated to a very grateful individual who benefited more than I did as I detest throwing anything that still works.

I ordered a case from eBay for the tablet that was a great bargain price, the front of was plain, boring and needed jazzing up. I had some gothic patterned sticky back plastic that I used for another post as a decal for my netbook, DIY: Netbook Decal 

1. I traced around the case to get the outline for the pattern because of the awkward shape I only partially covered the front and side of the case.

2. I applied the backing on the front and wiped the front t…

The Return of Trillians

Trillians is an integral part of the Newcastle rock scene, and providing a home to the cities alternative community for over thirty years. The venue has been threatened with closure on several occasions over the last few years, yet the bar's loyal supporters including Motorhead, have petitioned tirelessly every time to save it. Fortunately, new owners have always stepped forward saving Trillions.

I can't remember when Trillions closed down, I think it was before Christmas. Trillians left an empty place in  Newcastle as there are hardly any rock bars left. Over the last year, numerous Rock nights have started up but most of them held monthly, so there was no rock bar to sit and have a pint in Newcastle. 

Friday night was the unofficial opening, originally intended for families and friends of the pub management.  However, they had a change of heart at the last minute and extended the invitation to every patron is considered as Trillian's family. 
The night resembled a last minu…

Primark - a budget Goth's dream

Primark is a budget retail stores found all across the Britsh Isles and recently expanded into Europe; I am not sure if its spread into America. The first store opened in 1969, in Ireland, Dublin on Mary Street and was called Penny's. The firm specializes in fashion are for all genders and ages; also sells accessories and homeware. The fashion media have hailed Primark for its catwalk replica's and gathered a plethora of celebrity fans donning its clothing. Primark has captured the fashion world's attention, often nicked name as Primarmi. The brands have found its place in London fashionable Oxford-street department stores.

However, Primark has faced criticism and controversy over its ethical working practices, through using third world labor. The company has always tried to act quickly by ensuring and implementing fairer practices for the workers and ceased business dealings with unreputable companies. In 2013, in Bangladesh where a clothing factory clasped because of th…