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Goth it up, file.

I know my DIY, projects are naff in comparison to the Queen of DIY, Bane of GIY; Goth It Yourself. I've followed Bane's Blog indirectly for a couple of years and certainly, it has provided me with much inspiration for projects. I especially love her use of black, grey and purple and decorative patterns. Despite many of my projects being naff,  I do enjoy posting about them and feel it adds an extra dimension to my blog. 

Last week, I bought a hot pink file to organise my backpack, carry my A4 notepad, and protect my plastic wallet with papers in preventing damage. I got this from pound-land surprisingly for a £1. The bright pink is garish for my tastes, yet  it was the only colour I preferred.

I covered the file in my favourite sticky back plastic from Hobby craft, I've used this so many in times, as I've had a lot left over. I first covered the side flaps separately in sticky back plastic. I cut a piece long enough to cover the file;  I took off the back, and I placed t…

Last Monday

I intended to publish this last Monday, and I forgot to, also last week has been hectic. Monday consisted of volunteering at Sunderland Raod library in the morning, and I usually attend the knitting group in the afternoon.  I've taken up knitting again, however, my second attempt has been easier; casting on and learning purl knit, I forgot about how therapeutic and enjoyable knitting can be. 

Recently the library have been put forward to take part of a national initiative organized by a telecommunications company BT and Barclay's a banking institution, working together to install wi-fi in public building in  deprived areas. The libraries demographic area is one of the typical areas with most of the service users using the computers for  job searches and t of retired pensioners who come to borrow books.  

Last Monday one of the other volunteers had mentioned there was a conferences call regarding the scheme taking place at 2 pm that afternoon, so they debating whom would take the…

Sunderland; Business and Pleasure

I attended a meeting in Sunderland, a small city located city approximately ten miles from Newcastle upon Tyne. Sunderland is a lovely city to frequent, especially if I want a change of scenery or a charity shop expedition. There are various places of interest, and it's very similar to Newcastle but often overlooked by Newcastle acclaim in comparison.  Sunderland was an industrious city,  producing coal and shipbuilding; the city once hailed as, " The biggest shipbuilding city in the world".

During the last few months, I’ve wanted to develop my writing skills into other disciplines. Recently, I volunteered as a contributory writer for a local property website, and two articles were published on their website, yet, to no avail I’ve had no communication. One night, I was searching the internet for voluntary opportunities, I came across a charity advertisement for a writer and emailed my interest. I received a response from the charities North of England Volunteer organiser …

My style and possibly future outfit posts.

I rarely post about my outfits I do intend to do them, but often I forget to ask someone to take pictures of me.  I usually end up getting the boyfriend to take photos, yet despite his brilliant talents, he's not the best at taking photos.  I was playing about with my camera last night and discovered how to set the self-timer, but unfortunately limiting my time to set up my pose, haha.

I undoubtedly will be posting more outfit posts in the future, but only the interesting or worthwhile ones. My primary uniform consists of jeans and long sleeved t-shirts, which is boring to post about. By no means do I consider myself the muse of gothic inspiration or revolutionary stylnista; I find my style to be a simple and very somber in comparison to the other Gothic bloggers displaying more adventurous tastes. My fondness for charity shop boutique has fuelled most of my outfits, and  I draw inspiration from a combination of utilitarian, diy, trad and ethereal goth.

Ethereal goth is best summed…

Cheap skate canvas

This is a quick post, I dunno if the height of good sun rays that my part of the world is enjoying and subsequently, I am absorbing sufficient amounts of  vitamin D; I am feeling combination of pure joy, creativity, thriftiness and nibbling fingers aching to something crafty.

Anyway getting back on track, I've made a quick canvas that it took about twenty minutes to do, and I've used sticky tape to hold the wallpaper onto the canvas,I found fiddly to do .  By no means is this the height of my craftiness or skill, I love the lazy man's craft. Yet who cares as it's fulfilled my needs to create,  and I've a fantastic new canvas picture for £1.09 that was for the canvas. 
Sometime last winter I had a charity shop expedition to the lovely Whitley Bay, also near the residence of the most wonderful Breakin Angel. Whitley Bay is a beautiful little sea town about eight miles from Newcastle, it has the most wonderful beach where I spent a lot of many my school holidays.