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Brighton Part 4

This is quite a random one I was hoping to go through a lengthy description of what I encountered. I couldn't think of  nothing  else to write, so I decided  to  post it despite being late.  

I  Started out exploring more of Brighton in the afternoon and planned to go the museum; on my way to it I passed a small, bizarre raising money for a local hospice. It was selling an array of home-made condiments, children's toys, books and jewellery.    

I ended up purchasing two bracelets for £1 each other and 50p for a pair of earring and had the label intact. 

The Museum

On Museum located in the Pavilion Gardens opposite the Brighton's Pavilion. The building was originally built in 1802 - 04's; George IV stables commissioned William Porden to design and build the stable. Formerly, the museum began in 1861, housed in Brighton Pavilion, later outgrew the Pavilion and moved to the stables. In 1910, it featured an array of Impressionists artist. Monet, Cezanne, Degas, Matisse, an…

Inverness Trip - Accommodation part 1

Last Week the Boyfriend surprised with a trip up to Inverness for a long weekend for my 27th birthday, I feel the big 30 ever looming over my head. Despite, travelling to Western and Eastern Europe, USA, Ireland and India to Goa. I’ve never explored my back yard. In geographical terms,  I 'm only 60 miles from the Scottish Border,  certainly, Scottish culture has influenced my part of the world. With they're a various lack of borders during the 14th and 16th century with fluxes of Border Reavers stealing  cattle from various family and clan disputes occurring over centuries. 

The main thing that has been influenced by the Scottish is the Geordie dialect that often uses common words and phrases associated with the Scottish. Words including  “Bonnie” referring to beautiful, “aye” meaning yes, I’m guilty of using this one, and “bens” meaning children. I am deferring from the post. Recently, I’ve been feeling extremely stressed and melancholy about my life, hence debating whether c…

Happy First Birthday

Well, I can't believe it, I am celebrating my first year of blogging. It's been an exciting year with lots of ups and downs; I am so excited to be celebrating my baby's first year. I feel as though it's gone so quick and simultaneously felt such a long time. I am grateful to my followers and people who take their time to read it. 

I've found this blog has helped me enormously in so many ways and assisted me in discovering the potential for a talent I never thought I had, or find the enjoyment in reading and writing. Also, I feel as though I have met some interesting people through blog sphere. 
I know in my last post, I was under considerations to continue with the blog, I am still undecided about  the long-term future, but at least for the short term I'll continue to blog. When it comes down to the reality, I've achieved far more than my original goal for the blog. 
Anyway after, 3,834 views and 65 posts readers from countries like from Saudia Arabia, North K…

To blog or to delete, that be the question

Over the last few week, I've been contemplating whether to continue with the blog or to  close it down. The doubt gremlins have been creeping back into my head. Unfortunately, I'm succumbing to their influences with whirling thoughts and manipulation.  As my blog reaches its first birthday, I feel as though I should fort ahead and set the gremlins on fire eradicating them to the void of nonsense.

Recently, I've found myself going into a depression and melancholy state considering the amount work I put into my blog if it’s worth continuing since only a few people read it. I am just having these thoughts spinning in my head and with doubts about whether my writing skills are up to par, or my content is uninteresting to read or the validity of my experiences.
The second option to purge the gremlins with an imaginary fire hose and to forge on with the blog. For me, my blog is my baby as I created it, and I’ve worked hard to cultivate it and would be interesting to see how it dev…

New satchel finally represents my lunacy

Last night after finishing work, I decided to stroll through the shopping centre to avoid the heavy rain and prevent from becoming a drenched rat.  I passed a bag shop, wandered in and browsed at the various satchels. Over the last few years, I've noticed the passing trend for satchel bags with bright, bold, patterns, often with owls used in the patterns. Personally, I'm not one for feminine types of handbags, despite there are so many beautiful ones available, I carry so much crap,  I prefer using a backpack or bags with long straps 

After browsing, I was lured in by a black pattern satchel with crazy multi-colourful owls attempting to look inconspicuous with their beady black eyes indirectly looking at me while perched on a bright yellow moon. The unusual pattern and price of £10 convinced me to purchase it. 

I didn't like the brown trim on the bag or the bottom. So last night, I gave a quick it a makeover, with various comments from the boyfriend describing my insanity an…