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A dance of flour and salt with fire

After researching crafts ideas, my favourite has been salt dough, as it's so easy and cheap to do. It's gone, down  increadbly at work  as it's incorporates baking and cutting shapes out with cookie cutters. So,  I was going to make some to decorate my tree with as I want a truly DIY Halloween tree. 

I've been practising on making salt dough and this is my fifth or sixth batch,  I'm getting to feel the correct consistency of the dough, the right measurement ingredients, and cooking times. 

The recipe I've developed:

Cup and a half of flourCup of salt Cup of waterFirst add the flour and salt and mix, I would recommend adding half a cup of water then mix in the bowl. Depending on the consistency add about a quarter of water and mix.  I've found if you add too much water it can make the dough too sticky if the dough becomes too sticky add more flour. Once the dough is mixed, start kneading the dough and use flour to prevent the dough from sticking to the surface …

O hallow tree, O hallow tree ....

I feel as though the last few weeks have gone so fast because work has been so, busy. I don't want to talk about work; I want to talk about Halloween, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, with a prodigious amount of glee. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas since Halloween falling on Saturday, it's going to be so much fun. I've been researching for crafts and idea to implement and trial at work. Over the last few week, I came across Halloween DIY projects that I've fallen in love with and inspired me to try out.

The main thing I've wanted to try is Halloween tree with my hand made decor and anything else I fancy.  I know the only time you see the trees is at Christmas. Even throughout history and personally, there is some connection to trees or forest areas. Throughout mythology, trees have held great reverence and significance for providing the essentials of life, warmth, nutrition, and habitats. Trees for many have held spiritual functions, home for the gods, predicting chi…

Leeds Trip

I spent the night in Leeds two weeks ago on Friday evening; it came about as the Boyfriends Union has moved up to the North for their Union meetings for both convenience and finances savings. The only advantageous thing is I get to see different parts of the country, while they're debate and protect the rights of the public sector workers.

Leeds is about an hour and a half via train from my home city of Newcastle upon Tyne. Leeds is the largest town in The North and has prosperous from mining and textile industries fuelling the Britain’s Global Empire and the Victorian Industrial Revolution. As very typical of the North, after the decline of the textile and mining Industries caused a financial decline to the city, where regained its financial wealth through media and retail. Leeds is considered the best places outside of London for shopping.

Leeds is known for its vibrant music scene; it also had one of the most prominent Goth scenes outside London. Leeds is the home city of one m…

Inverness- Part 2

On Friday, the 21st was my birthday, I turned 27 years old. Honestly, as I grow older with some wisdom and my insanity increases, the nostalgia and excitement of my birthday’s wanes in comparison to the excitement, when I was a child it. I am not sure the reasons for my apathetic feelings this year,  it felt like any other day. It was lovely receiving so many wishes for a happy birthday on Facebook.

It was my second birthday I’ve been with the boyfriend, and instead of buying me presents he takes me away for trips, last year it was Bristol and Bath. I prefer having the trips away to create memories and experiences than have gifts or material items, apart from the cake, but then cakes always amazing.

The boyfriend had suggested planning the places to visit. Unfortunately, I never accounted for the reduced bus services in Inverness. Despite being a very popular place for tourists the lack public transport is appalling the buses run only every half an hour and drop you approximately one/t…