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Dress making, sewing and printing

Younger generations have assisted with the resection of traditional crafts that may have been lost, have facilitated the resurgence of interest in old crafts. Sewing and dressmaking appears to be the most prevalent with research from the Craft & Hobby Trade Association (CHA-UK) has 3.5 million people sewing and in between 2013 and 2014 433,000 started.

 In the UK, the combination of the recession where people have seen an increase in living costs and the reduction of  incomes has led to people adopting a make do and mend attitude salvaging clothing that are still wearable. Another contribution is people's more aware of disposal fashions has on the environment  
The media has been producing televisions shows that encourage people to take up crafting the first were The British Great Bake Off and Kirstie Allsopp's variety of craft shows. Her first show I can't remember the name of the show, but it involved exploring the use of homemade crafts to decorate an old dilapidated …

First attempt at sewing leggings.- wearing them

A couple of weeks ago,  I posted about the first pair of leggings I had ever made First attempt at sewing leggings. I had a comment from the lovely Lexington the 1st to post pictures donning my leggings. In response, I took some outfit photos when I wore my leggings. I am unable to take pictures at home as my new camera is still in the box, since losing my last one I feel anxious taking it outside, and I don't own a full-length mirror.

When I was out at my local pub, the Bodega,  I snook off to the women's toilets to snap a few pics in front of the ladies full-length mirror.

Professor's Assignment - Thanks Giving

So the good Professor's has started her assignment off by her great article for what to be Thankful inspired by the American Thank's Giving Holidays.
During my melancholy and anxious moments, I find it hard to be thankful as my tunnel vision blinds me. After finding the rational light at the tunnel, I see I have a lot to be thankful. This is for all the people and things  who matter in my life  and I like to say a big thank you for putting my consisting talking, moaning, occasional violence, ( more for Netty)  extreme narcissism, my random mutterings and general insanity

1. The boyfriend 

As I'm writing this, I have ideas running through my head about what to be thankful for, there is so much that I want to mention. Today, I left work early as I felt ill from a  bad vertigo episode and spent most of my time sleeping and waiting for the boyfriend to return. I'm  feeling like crap,  he comes in entirely full of sympathy and makes me a cuppa and prepares dinner for us eat an…

First attempt at sewing leggings

I recently made my first pair leggings, which has been an interesting challenge, as I have never made anything like trouser or leggings previously. 
The fabric I got was from South Sheilds market and it cost £3.00 for three and a half metres. I fell in love with pattern instantly, as I love lace style print, and thought a pair of legging would look fantastic with a plain dresses/ tunics and add more interest to any outfit. The fabric was good quality, mostly a polyester with either viscose or cotton combined. The material was easier to work with than, I first anticipated, the fabric sewed without tugging on the sewing machine it glided as it was high standard quilting cotton. 

The pattern I used was Newlook 6323 leggings the pattern I got from Leeds on sale, as I was hoping to create more leggings. I love this pattern as I can also make tunic tops at a later date. 

To make the leggings I found this difficult to interpret and understand the instructions, then again that's just me I le…

My Halloween

I know this is a late post considering Halloween took place last Saturday. I feel as though time is escaping me and the weeks are merging into one another like the colours of an Impressionist painting. 

Back to the Halloween post, last time I posted was the completion of my Halloween tree due to a bout of insomnia, by the time I got back to sleep and woke up it was midday, I felt begrudge as most of the day had vanished.

My original intentions for Halloween was to participate with a friend,  in the  Record break attempt of the largest gathering of witches held at Alnwick Gardens. But my friend never mentioned anything else and nobody else seemed interested. When I discovered through Facebook the library, I used to volunteer at, organised a Halloween party I decided to pop along to show my support.

Alnwick Gardens is a Fairytale theme section of an array of plants most famous are poisonous gardens that contain a variety of plants. The Gardens are attached to Alnwick Castle is most famous …

Magic Cafe up-cycling food

In times of old or at least in my Gran's day, who experienced rationing of the second world war and practiced the motto waste does not want not. My gran seldom wasted food, as so many of her generation did, the food was far from the bargain commercial commodity it is today. She would go shopping nearly every day to purchase just enough for dinner for all the family rather than go to the supermarket and by excessive quantities.  Leftover food was cleverly recycled into tomorrow’s night casserole or hotpot and ate leaving a morsel of waste. In comparison to my generation who simply throw away any leftovers into the bin.
I even remember my manager, when I worked for an order of Nuns’. She was 86 years old, and always disgusted at the amount of food wastage, regularly commenting on the number of people starving in the world. I had to agree with her, especially when the average households produces 50% food waste and produce 7 million tonnes of food wastage every year, and most of it…