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My Weekend up to Christmas

I have been busy over the last couple of weekends and wanted to post about it, I've been busy and haven't felt in like writing. 

During the festive season, I like to attend Christmas fairs and church fete, then again I like to visit any time of the year.  A couple of weekends ago I visited two in one afternoon the first was a Victorian Christmas fair and the second a medieval fair. My first port of call was to North Sheilds annual Victorian Market that is annual Christmas Festival; held in the town centre and people don Victorian clothing selling a variety of crafts, food and drinks. 

On my way to the main event, I passed through the library where they were two women spinning fibres into wool and were offering demonstrations. That was incredible to watch how quickly the threads were spun into yarn. 
Unfortunately, the weather was atrocious it unexpectedly snowed and the conditions were extremely muddy, damp and freezing. I walked around on brought a necklace and an ea…

My Christmas Eve

Hello, all of blogosphere it feels forever and a day since my last post, despite being approximately three weeks. A lot has happened as the days have rolled into one without any comprehension.  We're now approaching the night where St Nicholas showers us with presents. I don't want to discuss what's been going on apart from there's been a lot of rubbish going on.

This year, I've found it's been difficult to find the Christmas spirit and cheer, until about 10:33 this morning I had a euphoric epiphany of Christmas cheer and happiness surge through my body to my inner core intern lifting my spirits causing a sense of joy I haven't felt for a few weeks.  I haven't listened to many Christmas songs at the time I was listening to Chris de Burgh Spaceman, which always has a sentimental effect on me. 

After finishing work, I met up with the boyfriend at our local haunt Trills and had a few drinks while meeting up with a few friends I got slightly over excited and …

Up-cycled Christmas Tree

The days are counting down until Christmas comes, and in the Geordie Goth's household, the Christmas Spirit and preparations are non-existing, well slightly non-existing in comparison to last year.  
Last year,  the boyfriend celebrated, and I celebrated our first Christmas and spent minimal effort, we mainly exchanged gifts and a catastrophic Christmas meal. 
Last year, we had no Christmas decor, but this year we have upcycled my Halloween tree into our Christmas tree with a few additions. The boyfriend surprisingly bought some Christmas lights from Poundland, a pack of stars and colourful lights that are battery powered. 
Pictures from the Poundland website. My Starlights are blue but a pound I can't complain, as they add a bit Christmas sparkle to my tree I am happy. 

 also made some Christmas salt dough decor and decorated it. A couple Christmas wooden decor I bought from the Germany and a stained glass mistletoe I brought from a Christmas fair. It looks quite decent, and I am…

Bensham Grove Christmas fair

Today was a pleasant afternoon out of with the boyfriend, despite the harsh winds blowing, that the North of England is presently experiencing. After making the boyfriend's wake-up potion, consisting of dark rich cocoa powder, Carte Noir coffee and a dash of bovine milk, essential for any nocturnal creature to awake. We venture to a Christmas fair, and afterwards to the Cluny's Beer and cider festival to part take in the merriness of the holidays.

The Christmas fair was held at Bensham Grove, a delightful and charming two-hundred-year-old Quaker Cottage,  a hidden gem of Gateshead. Bensham Grove is a community hub that host arrange of adult learning courses, support groups, interest groups, toddler and services for over ninety years.

The house was built by Joshua Watson a Cheese Monger, who built the country house situated in rural countryside allowing for a healthy lifestyle for his family.Over the years the house continued to thrive and expand over the generations, the family …