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Review of First Week of part time

Hello, I apologise for not posting anything in a while, I've been busy, busy, busy. I wrote this post during my first week after going part time and only recently edit this; I know it's ridiculously late. I still feel it has merit to be read.     

My first official week of part time is coming to a close, and my mind seems a sea of tranquillity without any hint of anxiety. So far so good to part-time, we’ll see how things go. This week has been busy attending various interest groups and other activities. 


I went to work but I’ve found a local writing group again, so I’m hoping to attend on are the more regular basis, it’s held in Newcastle Library, so it’s easy to participate as the metro stop is less than a minutes’ walk. The group meets up twice a month at two different locations so that I can attend the Newcastle library event.   On the first impression, everybody was very cordial and welcoming, but from the group’s reading they seem to demonstrate a high standard of tal…

Bishop Auckland Trip

During this next year, I want to try new things out this including exploring new crafting skills. As I start to implement this, I've ended up travelling from my native Newcastle to the small town of Bishop Auckland, approximately thirty miles from Newcastle to participate in a printing workshop. 

So why, did I travel such a distance to join group printing group? 

Newcastle has groups or classes where they teach printing, unfortunately, these are costly, as with the reduction of income I wouldn't afford the price, and not to mention the time factors as the event wouldn't fit into my schedule. Also, I enjoy leaving Newcastle and venturing different places. 

For a while, I wanted to visit Bishop Auckland for sometime, and printing group provide an excellent opportunity to visit. 

Bishop Auckland is a small market town in County Durham and linked very closely with the Bishops of Durham as it's castle has served as a hunting lodge and after became the residence of the Bishops o…

No More Resolutions Time For Change

A few posts back. I mentioned that I haven’t bothered planning any new year resolutions, as I make the same generic ones, usually fail within the first few weeks, and afterwards, I fail to continue to implement any changes. Just before Christmas, I started looking at my personal life goals I want to accomplish and considering how to employ small changes to achieve the life goals. I attempted to make minor modifications that have helped.Reducing Working hours.
Before Christmas, I’ve been suffering from a bout of depression and stress through work. I volunteered to go temporarily full time, but due to various reasons it went longer than expected, so with the agreement of my manager, I’m now only working three days a week. My first week working three days, I feel re-energised and more relaxed; the best way to describe it I feels as though, I got my life back.

Semi - Mediation
In the mornings before going to work, I try to give myself a few minutes to relax by listening to chill out music, s…

Review of 2015's Thrifting Finds

 I've been catching up on my blogger's reading; I've noticed the number of bloggers who have devoted posts to reviewing 2015's favourite outfits. After reading, I can understand the reasons for it, some of the outfits are fantastic. It's so hard to choose a favourite, I love a combo of styles from Little Corp Goth Girl's stunning Jacquard princess seam coat to Desperate Hell's Queen of Darkness nettop, I'm a big old sucker for nett clothing. I want to mention  Coffin Kitsch quirky and unique style, I love her use of black and white outfits

I was considering reviewing some of my outfits and sharing my favourites from 2015; honestly, I don't feel like writing a post on my outfits, as I seldom don anything that's worth posting about, despite wanting to expand and include more outfits in my blog. I decided to share some of my favourite finds while raiding the Charity shop.

I found this polar neck jumper, made by John Lewis for £1.  I have a fondness f…

My first DIY cupboard

Since first encountering the wonderful world of Bane’s Blog aka Goth It Yourself blog I have always wanted to goth up a piece of furniture. I always loved using her blog as it offers incredible inspiration and practical steps in how to achieve the look. Bane makes me thinks of a Gothic Kirsty Allsop except with the practical diy knowledge. My favourite part has to be how she seems to achieve it all on a lemonade budget using bargain basement shops and a second-hand finds. Bane’s blog also offers a unique aspect to blogging on how to create a homemade gothic home. 

I’ve been searching the shops for a cupboard to store my sewing equipment as it’s been lying around the boyfriends flat. I was surprised to find how expensive cabinets are in the shops. My first furniture revamp an old kitchen cabinet I found on Gumtree for £15, I think it a tad expensive but in comparison to looking around the shops, I still saved money. 

For paint, I purchased Rust-Oleum Gloss Furniture Paint Liquorice blac…

My Christmas and New Year

Well,  I can’t believe I'm sitting, here again, thinking where the hell the last year has gone; it feels like a few weeks ago, I was sitting here blogging about 2014 while waiting for 2015 to begin. Now, I am sitting here, and it’s 2016 feeling surreal.  I’ve made no plans for life goals or resolutions where last year I posted it on my blog. I failed at the second hurdle.  In consideration, it may be best not to set any life goals or resolutions but possibly implement small daily changes that I'll  discuss in an up and coming post

This post is about how I spent my holidays and the fun times sitting around and binge watching television, along with catching up on valuable sleep.  I asked for holidays off over the festive period the request was rejected because of work’s no holiday’s policy for Christmas. Simultaneously, I can’t complain I have had four days of during Christmas week and another three days off for New Year I am happy.

I’ve already posted about my fun Christmas Eve o…