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Thursday, my day off

My posting appears to be a recurring theme with belated blog posts; it's just been another busy time.

Today has been my day off, (yay) I love being part time, it does break the week up and no longer experience the mid-week hump. Thursdays are becoming my quilting group meet up, this most likely my busy day  where  Tuesday's are more my quiet days

The day began by adapting a sewing pattern I printed from the internet, I modified the top arms holes by using another patterns sleeves, copying the arm seams and cutting the pattern. I cut out two different fabrics to make a top, lace for part of the top, sleeves and jersey cotton for the main body.

I felt like dressing up and donning make-up; at times, I do occasionally feel the need to goth up. My outfit: Blouse, polyester chiffon from Next charity shop find, skirt made me for less than £2 and PVC boots Primark. 

This is a close up of the fabric of my skirt its lycra that looks like embossed leather. 

Before attending the quilting group…

A Tale of Two Bloggers -My outfit.

In my previous post a Tale of Two Bloggers. The lovely Jane left a lovely comment about my pseudo-victorian outfit. I've managed to find selfies on my phone; I forgot I took. Since starting this blog, I've developed an obsessive habit of taking photos of my unusual outfits with the intention of posting, often I forget to posts. 

I have, to be honest, I don't dress this day every day,  it's a rarity.  Normally, it's chunky knit jumpers with no makeup and DM's or converse;  I prefer comfort over style. 
I apologise in advance for the over enlarged photos and poor quality, it's the best I could do. 
My Outfit 
The top is a jumper with a faux ruffle blouse sewn into it. It was the first time the top's been worn.  it's been hidden away in the black hole of my wardrobe waiting to be worn. All I remember is from the charity shop, not v. expensive and originally from Next. 

Like the top it was the first time I wore the skirt; I sewed it, using my favourite sim…

The Tale of Two Bloggers.

 A couple of weeks ago, I got so enthralled to finally meet Jane aka Breaking the Angel. Since last August both of us have attempted to meet up with each other, because of circumstances this never happened until last week on the 4th February. We finally met at Jane’s regular haunt, the Phil and Lit Society. Jane  invited me for a cup of tea and Tunnock tea cakes.  

The Phil & Lit is known as the Literary and Philosophical Society a Library built in 1825, it’s the largest independent library outside of London  and home to over 160,000 books and periodicals dating from the 1500’s. The library hosts lectures, concerts, reading, workshops and books lunches. I hope that’s right Jane Lol. Jane knows far  more about the Phil & Lit since she’s a member and regularly volunteers there.

I’m delighted Jane choose the venue as it's was my first time visiting the Lit and Phil. It's snuggly hidden away on the main street near the train station. The building is designed in late Regency …

Change of lifestyles

Since last November, I've been experiencing arrange of issues including pain intermittent pain, experiencing pressure on my eye drums, tinnitus (that always been there and never bothered me too much), vertigo and dizziness.  The dizzy spells are the worst out all the symptoms as impacts my balance, and I experience constant spinning  around me, most of these episodes often minutes I often have to stop and sit down, 

I finally went to the doctors who referred me to an ENT (Ear, Nose and throat ) consultant, who prescribe me with Betahistine Tablets. The medication has made such an incredible impact where I rarely experience any dizziness at all. 

So on Tuesday, I attended vestibular testing where I was assessed to determine the causes for my symptoms. The assessment lasted about an hour and a half; the first test was a quick lifestyle questionnaire of how the sign affected my life, the audiologist asked and about my medical history, and I was asked to do basic exercise. The worst of …

Last Saturday

In my previous posts, I've mentioned about trailing out different crafts so far: creative writing, quilting, intaglio printing utilising- dry point and mono printing. Ok, the quilting hasn't been as successful, over the last few weeks I have been meeting up with different people on a Thursday afternoon I'm hoping to attend in due course.

While researching about the quilting group, that I've started to attend at the Shipley Art Gallery. I noticed the same venue held a monthly silk painting workshop. It's advertised as a workshop, it's more of meet up, but the groups are so friendly there willing to share skills for those interested. 

I'm skipping forward a little too much returning to the post.As many of my readers knows I'm try new crafts and skills out it turning out to be incredibly fun.  I wanted to attend the group but this time, I even got my friend Kerry-Anne, who share my love of crafts to come along. Last Year, we made glass bubble together.
As I p…