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Finished Patchwork Cushion

I' m happy to state my patchwork cushion is finished. I've attended the group since the new year I've been guided to under the expert guidance of the group and taken their suggestions of using a bright pink amongst my somber blacks, muted purples, and grey fabric motifs. All the material was recycled from leftover fabric from dressmaking projects.  

For most quilters this would be a nightmare product as it's completely wonky and lines are mismatched, the shapes are various sizes and so forth. Either way, I think the cushion has character despite the imperfections. Even the trim looks odd as it's sewn at a wonky angle. At least, the stitching is reasonable sewing the trim straight, with thanks to my the 1/4 inch sewing foot from the vast collection of unknown feet, I recently purchased. (I'm planning on posting a separate review sometime later). I added the trim to the centre of the patchwork as it looked horrendous, and I wanted to break the pattern up since the…

Painted It Black

 Last week, I had two wonderful weeks of relaxing, unfortunately, I didn't post as much as I had planned.

I've been inspired by the excellent Bane and who daily done projects of painting everything black. She's been teaching me to look beyond the garish, hideous colours and observe the structure and shape of the item seeing it's potential . However, I feel like I'm copying I promise, not my intention just feeling inspired at the moment since have some fantastic news but I will reveal later.

 I have been doing some mini projects spray painting a few thing black with cheap Wilko enamel spray paint, which works just as efficiently as Rust-oleum spray paint. The Wilko version you get 400ml for £4 in comparison to the Rust-oleum it that £3 for 150mls. I'm becoming a Wilko spray paint addict and my front wall is slowly being painted black,Source

I'm a lazy crafter and try to cut corner where possible which isn't always good. I haven't bothered using primers …

Failed Flower Pounding, But Tomorrow is Another Day

As I have posted about my life goals at the beginning of the year, Two of aims have been attempting to save money and trialing new crafts. So far, I tried printing, quilting and silk painting, so I'm happy it has been going well for the last few months.
  While researching, I came across flower pounding which can be done cheaply. Flower pounding is when you take fresh flowers placed facing down onto fabric or paper and hammer the flower's petals dye bleeds onto the fabric/ paper creating an impression of the flower.

I used this following youtube video as guidance 

I thought it  may worth attempting the flower pounding with the approaching of spring I have noticed flowers are are sprouting. Yesterday, I went harvesting flowers, but I've set myself some rules to pick flowers that are dying or that have been lying on the ground. Permitting for the healthy flowers to grow and expand. I came back with mainly purple flowers with dark yellow pollen and daffodils. 
, I was hoping to a…

A Geordie Goth in Sheffield

The boyfriend and I last week had two nights away the first on the itinerary was Sheffield to see bands, Dan Reed Network and Tyketto since the boyfriend is a massive fan.

Sheffield is a Northern city located in South Yorkshire; it's approximately 130 miles from Newcastle, and it takes about an hour and forty-five minutes on the train. Sheffield is a typical Northern city that expanded during the industrial revelation in the 19th century; the city gained international renown for its steel. Like many other Northern cities, Sheffield experienced a downturn in their economy during the 1970's and 80's due to international competition and also the closure of the coal mines contributed. In 90's and early 21st century, the experienced redevelopment through investment to the city.

Millennium Gallery 
We first visited the Millennium Gallery; the museums opened in 2001 and has two permanent collections.
The first is the John Ruskin collections; Ruskin was a Victorian scholar and ph…