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Finally, finding the right councillor

In regards to blogging, I’ve always wanted to keep certain parts of my life and opinions separate from blogging. From being a teenager, I always had some sort of stress or negative feeling that inhibited me from reaching my full potential. I don’t feel as my life has been horrendous. I’ve experienced bullying throughout school, exclusion by other close friends breaking my trust and self-isolation. One of the major factors is I never fully gotten over these experiences or developed healthy coping strategies not to mention a superb detailed orientated long term memory and tendency to never let things go.

One of the worst experiences of my life, was when I was sixteen, I felt I started to find myself and gained confidence. Unfortunately , I met someone, who was both mentally and emotionally unstable intern pushing me to my limits of sanitary. They also constantly accused me of false accusations that I was cheating on him, however, if he looked at my schedule including college I simply d…

Yesterday's Outfit.

Yesterday wasn't an exciting day; I didn;t get up to anything worth blogging about it. I just simply enjoyed the unusual weather that's resembled summer than Spring. The recent weather is most the UK's summer. our sunny days are rare occasions but when the sun beams it's rays I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, sadly it doesn't last long.

When the sun does come out to shine,  I like to wear skirts mainly long one made from natural fabric, vest tops, with light cardigans and Mary Jane shoes. I hate wearing sandals and have a complete obversion to them.

My outfit pics.

Cardigan - Betty Jackson -Charity Shop  Vest Top - Marks and Spencer - Mam's handy downs Skirt - Made by me  Shoes - Charity shop

DKNY bag - Charity shop 

Kitty Shopping bag - Monsoon Yonkers ago, I love it. 

This week charity finds

Last week was a busy week. I had to go to Sunderland on Tuesday it allowed to search the charity shop. I didn't find much apart from a damask tray for seventy-five pence and items from  Poundland including some black plastic basket that looks like wicker and a jewelry hanger with a Celtic motif

On Thursday, I had to organize my passport which warranted a trip to Durham as this is my nearest passport office. Usually,  I would opt for the bus, but I couldn't be bothered with an hour journey, so I got the train, and was there ten minutes. I planned  for the Passport appointment to be a long one, but  surprised it took less than ten minutes. I went thifting and  in the past Durham has tended lucrative with quality finds.
I found two beautiful tops first, a sparkly Karin Millian sparkly cardigan perfect for the summer. 

Second a Victorian style silk blouse made by Linea £4, this needs some alterations on the sleeves.

I found a black and white cat memo holder for £1 

On Saturday, I had t…

Searching for Kitchen ware and bathroom ware

On my days off I've been searching the charity shops for some home kitchenware and bathroom accessories. To no avail, I haven't found anything of interest I have a particular look in mind  I'm after something with a damask pattern, or a gothic easthetic Ive searched everywhere possible. 

 I've found these jar. However, they 're from the states, and  one jar is  £9 and calculating the cost of three jars along with international shipping it's going to be £42 or nearly $60. Despite how gorgeous they are, I simply can't justify that price. I am getting to the point where I may buy some cheap black jars and stencil a damask pattern. 


However, during my day off I managed to find a damask tray to place the canister. I bought the tray for seventy-five pence I could use.

I also found this jar for £1 sadley there was only one jar if there had been another two I would used these as cannisters. 

For bathroom I've been looking for black accessories with damask mot…

Painting it Black, again.

It's becoming a common site on my front street being seen spray painting something black and my front wall starting to show the effects. Even my upstairs neighbour  knew it was me spray paint by the smell of the paint and suggested black again. I explained I preferred black accessories.

I try spraying painting when the street is empty so in the early morning or lateish night I strive to  avoid painting when  people are walking by or children playing. I'm guilty of sometimes doing around in the afternoon and to try best to minimise the risk of affecting others.

This week, I have bought a containers for putting fragrances in such as potpourri. I plan to hang in the sitting rooms or bedroom. I forgot to take a before picture

Usually,  I haven't bothered using a primer for somethings it's been fine but with other I've noticed chipping, so I thought this may be due to not using a primer, so I'll see if this sworks.I used a primer from Wilko's  brand, spray painting…

Stained glass making

Yesterday, I met up with Kerry-Anne, my is crafting buddy, we've been good friends and met through my ex. 
We both share a love of crafting and sampling different arts, Kerry- Anne suggested trialling out stained glass. We trialled glass techniques before, where we made glass bubbles by blowing glass and adding colourful pigments. Below is the bauble I made the last Christmas. 

Making stained glass is completely different in comparison to blowing glass. It's more labour intensive and more dangerous when cutting glass goes flying around and risk of cutting a finger or burning finger off soldering.
 We had fun making the glass. However, it was frustrating attempting to cut the glass and  Kerry- Anne appeared to of mastered the craft easier than I did. She seemed made a  perfect stained glass piece but confessed it was difficult. For my item, I kept needing assistance from the tutor, as I started made the Sun first and very curvy, certainly the most difficult to cut.out. Most my pie…

Beer and cider festival and silly hats.

This week at work has been incredibly stressful, but fortunately, on Wednesday, it was the 40th annual Newcastle Beer and Cider Festival, so I've spent three days sampling different ciders. I posted last year about my first beer and cider festival

The festival promotes Camera's ethos of championing the traditional methods of brewing beer. The festival allows people to taste different and unusual beers and ciders that wouldn't normally be served in this part of the country. The event was held over four days. Starting from Wednesday until Saturday. The festival separates into the beer bar serving over 140 varieties. The upstairs bar served 48 different ciders and perries, personally meant I only enjoyed a small selection since I love cider.

The event started on Wednesday night with only a few people attending so I started on the ciders and we met up with a few friends. Discussing the different drinks and sampling each others in an attempt to decide what to drink. Wednesday …

Finishing DIY projects.

Over the weekend, I've attempted to finish off  some projects I've meant to complete

1.  Cork Memo Board

, I finally found some corks to purchase to finish off my memo board. In the end, I took the boyfriend's suggestion to half the corks; I glued them down using PVC glue and to used black string to fill in the edges. After calculating the cost of materials, it cost £6.35 to make since I had to purchase more wine corks. I realise I could have bought something allot cheaper. I prefer this as more individual and to my taste. 

2. Changing Handles on my craft cupboard 

Since decorating my cupboard, I've disliked the handles of the cabinet but unsure about what I wanted it. I went shopping to B&M bargain and found a pack of black pumpkin shape handle for £2.99 pack. I fell in love with the shape as they remind me of pumpkins.I think the new handles finish of the cupboards perfectly.



3. Spray painting a shoe rack 

Last weekend my clothes rail collapsed under the w…