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Holidaying in Brighton

Well, I'm back in Brighton, it's  great  to be back feeling Brighton's bohemian vibes. Sunday was a lovely sunny evening with a nip of a light breeze that was a surprise  as the weather from London looked ominous and  ready to rain.

We stayed at the Travel Lodge, a basic, no frills but it's clean with a comfy bed. The hotel's superb location is a stone throw away from the beach and our room had a sea view, for £40 per night not bad, I guess. My only grumble is breakfast isn't included  but Weatherspoon, a cheap chain pub do bargain breakfasts. Sunday, not a huge amount had happened  we went for drinks in Kemp Town and met with boyfriend's comrades  for drinks. I exchanged photos with one of his union collogues discussing and exchanging our photos.

Unfortunately, during my trip, I didn't feel amazing as I should I experienced some bouts of gastric problems, which meant at the time I felt like crap and needed to find a bathroom where possible. I tried to ma…

Saturday Night Crafting

This weekend was the tenth annual Tyne and Wear Late show. The late show  takes place across Newcastle and Gateshead, where over seventy arts cultural and heritage venues  open after hours. The venues host an array of events including, workshops tours, parties, and performances from local artists. 

The last few years, I haven't really attended the late night shows, over the last few years, unfortunately. The late show offers a fantastic alternative to just going drinking to the pub. Recently, I've been turning into a hermit and preferring to stay at home with a cuppa tea. I have such an exciting life of crafting staying at home, watching tv and going to places. 
The event suited my rock and roll style. 

My first  late show event  at  St Mary's heritage centre, where the group was taken around tour of the church's graveyard and taught about the history of people interned in the cemetery. I loved this and attending the tour at night enhanced the haunted atmosphere. 

I …

Visiting Seaham

Today, I ventured from Newcastle Upon Tyne to the small seaside town of  Seaham in country Durham . The journey was tedious, again that what happens with  public transport, and yet,  surprisingly easy to get to; with a metro ride to the rival city of Sunderland, and  a 25-minute journey on the 60 operating every ten minutes.

 I got the idea when a friend suggested we should visit as Seaham at some point to go beachcombing for glass. Until 1921, Seaham used to be one of the largest glass producers in Britain, and then the industry ceased. Seaham's beaches often have the waste glass washed up on its shores, which has lead to a boom of a cottage industry producing unique, colourful jewellery.


Also, the idea appealed  to me perfectly as an avid skip rat and collector of anything shiny or interesting,  I'm a nightmare for picking up rubbish. With the allure of the unusually  bright and sunny day for the UK. I couldn't resist the lure to venture forth. I fancied doing somet…

My Saturday

For the last few months, I've been searching for a crochet and knitting groups, to no avail, I found none that fitted with work.  I felt the urge to uptake knitting again. After seeing a summer hat crochet pattern, I fancied learning to crochet.  I saw a notice advertising a knitting group.

Last week was my first time attending the group. I was showed the different crochet techniques. I picked up the skills quite quickly, however I need more practice, I started off  practising chains and ambitiously, I attempted to make a small coaster, which turned into a wizard hat for my dragon. 

The group is held within the art shop, the Chilli Bizarre. The shop is linked to the Chilli Studios, it's a nonprofit organisation that supports people with mental health issues by enhancing their lives through arts and crafts. The products are sold in the shop and profits are split between the organisation  and the artists. The group costs nothing to attend but the people contribute money for the be…