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Thursday's Outfit

The boyfriend suggested about going to a gig, sadly the gig was sold out. That's the reason I chose to I  my underbust. Imay of  subconsciously been inspired by Sylvie, Little Corp Goth Girl wearing her corset.  Surprisingly, I found the corset comfortable to wear, I think, I wore it for seven hours and managed to walk four miles, not bad for someone whose doesn't often wear corsets. 
I walked to Gateshead from Newcastle or my counsellor appointment. Sadly, my counsellor has discharged  as she feels I'm no longer need it. It's a shame I really liked my counsellor as we had quite a lot in common; she was always very emphatic and professional. I guess that's the whole point. She has suggested about attending a few courses on how to deal with my issues for the future .
The boyfriend messaged me about the gig, and we agreed to meet at Trillians for drinks. We ordered one of their delicious homemade meaty burgers, which wasn't the best idea since with wearing my corse…

Re-vamping with Wilko's

I feel it's been a while since the last time I did a DIY post. As anyone who follows my blog knows, I'm crafter enthusiast to the point where I'm starting to taking over the boyfriends flat; the boyfriend ends up finding things randomly disputed in the oddest places. The boyfriend often rebukes me for my scatterbrained and chaotic organisation. I completely respect his point, but it's hard breaking habits.

So, I've been looking for a box to store my expanding sewing pattern collection. I found one  a storage box on sale for 50p from Wilko's

I painted a thin layer  inside of the box and applied a second coat. The paint dried  quickly.  I used a Wilkinson's emulsion plum, I love the vibrant colour for the interior of the box.  

I wanted to create a contrast between the interior and exterior; I opted to glue wallpaper (from Wilko's) to the lid, not surprisingly from Wilko's.  I  cut the wallpaper to size but  left some margin to neaten the edges, andI app…

Coffee, Cemeteries and Charity shops

 For last few Wednesdays' I've attended  St Andrew's church cafe for breakfast.
 St Andrew's is the oldest church in Newcastle and built in the 12th century. The church is surrounding by a quaint and picturesque cemetery with some burials dating back to the 14th Century.  Many of the tombstones intrigue detail has sadly eroded over time; the weather-beaten tombs look beautiful and full of colour with encroaching lichen.  It's ironic to think throughout someone's death and interment it then slowly starts supporting, nurturing life. 
The rare summer day presented the perfect opportunity to photograph. The cemetery felt full of life the verdant of the trees, grass, daisies and buttercups. I love the churchyard it has to be  one of my favourite parts of Newcastle, every time I walk through the grounds something new always seems to catch my eye. 

The cafe is open every Wednesday morning for a couple of hours; I go to treat myself to coffee and a scone with jam. My only…

Bargain Beauty

I enjoy being frugal in all aspects of my life  and beauty is no exception.  So, I've been searching the internet for DIY beauty  treatment the easiest  I came across was homemade facial scrubs. 

One of my favourites was the gothically gorgeous Black Friday's skin lightening facial scrub. Also, this proves how out of touch I am with the  viral community, I had no idea who she was until watching her videos. I personally prefer Youtube as a source of entertainment and ah, that's how you do it.  Black Friday's vlog have provided me with many hours of excitement when cooking or the dreaded washing up.  

  After using  the scrub for  a couple of weeks, I'm more than happy to recommend it. I've noticed a general improvement in my complexion and sense of wellbeing knowing what I'm applying on my face. 

It's hard to tell if my skin improvement is just down the scrub alone or whether it's combo of  my new skin regime and avoiding coke. Unfortunately, I have eve…