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Carbooty Haul

I'm not sure if car boot sale is a British's eccentricities or whether other countries do this. I think other countries have flea markets.  Carboots involve people getting up at the crack dawn to buy and sell old tat from the boot of cars (hence the name). It usually takes place anywhere from rugby grounds to even farmer markets, typically they tend to be in the most unreachable place to get unless you drive.

The has been a surge in popularity with car boot sales as people have cottoned to them being able to find bargains. especially, when the Antiques Roadshow advertising some long lost treasure that sells for a lot of money. At the height of its popularity even, the BBC produced a daytime programme about them and experts offering advice;  No wonder why we're known for being slightly bonkers. 

My own personal experience of being a teeny greeny goth (a local and personal term for a baby bat) meant I found awesome treasures of clothing, jewellery and trinket to decorate my ro…

Gothing it up in Hexham

Last Tuesday was just a beautiful, bright day that warranted a trip out. I had no plans about where to go except needing the urge to escape the flat. I originally decided to walk over to Gosforth and to take photos on the way. As soon as I step out of the house, I felt an overwhelming urge to visit Hexham. I  quickly dashed to the bus stop, fortuitously,  caught the express bus. I  sat back enjoying the stunning rolling and verdant hills of Northumbria.

My intention was to  thrift in the town's glamorous charity  shops usually they stock quality items at reasonable prices;  I end up finding bagfuls of items. I started out at Cancer Research which is located near to the bus stop. I was so ecstatic to find a third pot of this type (photo below). As the boyfriend, and I are moving soon woohoo.  I've been slowly collecting up on accessories. The one thing I've struggled to find is canisters for tea and coffee.  I found one of these pots a few months ago in Whitley Bay slowly de…

Great News I've bought house

In about months time I turn 28 eek, I'm terrified of ageing. Another big development is I'm purchasing my first house with the Boyfriend we are about to exchange contracts in over a week. I'm both anxious and excited about the change of life as it signals I'm a grown up, all I can think is that I'm getting older.  At the same time in Britain, to be on the property market  at the age of 27 is unbelievable as the average person is in their mid-thirties to get on the property. 
We are only moving around the corner in the neighbouring street, I'm so happy . I love the area, there is a great community feel and loads happening. There is an interesting alternative, creative. multicultural area. Some the local amenities include  Asian fabric shops and a beautiful park at the end the street. I'm so excited.
We've purchased a Victorin terrace with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two reception rooms (a lot of two's) and a huge kitchen perfect to practice my culinar…

Manchester Trip

I've tried to write this post as a review from my perspective and somewhat as an advisory for anyone interested in alternative Manchester. When researching for activities in Manchester there wasn't a comprehensive guide available for the alternatives However, La Carmina did a feature about alt' shopping and food.  

Manchester is a typical Northern city which originally expanded during the industrial revolution  of the late 18th and early 19th century building its success on textile production. During the Victorian period, Manchester's textiles were exported globally until it's demise in the late 20th century. The City was regenerated  after the  city  was bombed by the IRA in 90's . Intern,  Manchester has a unique array of architecture from medieval,  gothic, Victorian and modern. Manchester has an amazing history and close links with creative cultural producing some fantastic music acts  including Joy Divison, New  Order, The Stone Roses, The Smiths  and even …