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My Birthday and Raby Castle

Last week was my 28th birthday eek, I'm getting older. Over the last few years, the boyfriend and I have started a tradition of going away for my birthday. This year, I wasn't sure if we could carry on the tradition since we've purchased the house. Yup, we had enough in the budget for a few days away, it's meant staying local. The itinerary has included visiting the Boyfriend's Mum, who lives a mile outside of Barnard Castle. It's lovely peaceful retreat living with views of sheep and rolling hills. The second part has included two nights is Gothic literature's favourite North Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby.

Despite it being a not a huge distance from Newcastle. It's amazing spending time with the boyfriend, and getting away from the role of projecting managing and an official painter and decorator.


We left Saturday, afternoon to meet his Mum in the nearest train station. On the way, we stopped off for a light lunch that filled me up. Afterwards…

Is that me ?

Recently, a lot of bloggers  have discussed their personal battles with their physical appearance. For me, I've  felt low when I've been reminiscing through old photos it's made me feel  very conscious of current body shape. Over a year ago. I had gotten to ten stone. I felt happy until I suddenly gained two stone, and  now, weighing twelve stone meaning my BMI is in th obese category since  I'm 5ft 1.

My body shape is a pear  like most British women meaning a slimmer upper body  compared to a lower half of big hips, a big bottom, large thighs and saddle bags. I'm more of a muscular hourglass,a pear bottom and muscular calfs. On a positive note, I  seem to carry  my weight well but I would love to be ten stone again. 

Sometimes it's hard to believe how active I used to be as a kid,  I was always very active I cycled, rode horses and swam. I stopped being active, I went into a slump since struggled with fluctuating weight. When I was a student, I never ate so well…

DIY: Hair Clips

I've been developing a bit  of an obsession with hair accessories, the collection hasn't been  too expensive. The only problem, I'm having is finding things I like. 

This Week

This week has been a paradox as it's gone both slowly and fast. I've dedicated most of my time to the house or running errands for the house such as getting paint. Otherwise it's been a  mundane week. 

Everything started off at full steam and things have seemed to grounded to a halt. The shoddily installed ensuite bathroom was stripped on Tuesday morning,  I had the kitchen designer come out,  and the sledgehammer blow after hearing the quote for the bathroom. This week is the first time in my life where I've felt like a proper adult with a mortgage and now responsible for a house. Also, an unexpected point was the boiler, so now the boiler needs replacing now. I'm still awaiting the kitchen quote. I booked the date for the bathroom installation.  So on Wednesday, I had a break from everything as it got too much. 

At least on the brighter side this week, I found Wilkinson's (for non-UK readers it's general house good store) do their own cheap magnolia paint f…