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My Journey of Alternative Fashion and Blogging.

The wonderful ladies from the Alternative Fashion Bloggers Facebook page; including Steffi, from Anti-Muse  and Lady Nancy, from Glam Retro Style  (to check out their tales click on the links). have contributed in a blogging parade.  I've been promising my post for weeks, I've had other things going on meaning the blog taken back seat. Like typical me it's completed but late. I can only apologise.

Personally, I consider myself a Goth, even now so at the age of 28 years old. I have to confess I don’t always look gothed up but I still have my black heart and soul always lurking around.  I don’t wear make-up all the time either. I tend to wear t-shirts with leggings and my DM’S for mundane days.  For me, both alternative style, cultural and music all interconnected.

 The evolution  of Goth from its day of the post-punk era has developed in so many varieties  of branches of subcultures and ascetics it. I would describe myself drawn to the DIY mantra of trad goth and the simpl…

My Weekend

So this weekend has been kinda busy but by choice. Last week on Gum Tree, I saw two gorgeous candle sticks that looked perfect for the living room fireplace and for the price of a fiver. I couldn't resist them it meant I had to collect them from Sunderland.  After getting the candlesticks I felt slightly disappointed as It thought they were made from glass rather than, ceramics but either way, they'll suit they'll fit into my scheme.

I took the opportunity to look around the Sunderland charity shops and found nothing. I also took the opportunity to look in TK Maxx. I spotted an amazing Halloween bunting decorated with black cat and witch's hats I fell instantly fell in love with it. After seeing the price, sobriety kicked in, I consider making one myself.

I wanted to head down to South Shields fabric market since John Lewis and Fenwicks haven't have stocked up on their winter fabrics. I've been really disappointed by the selections as there has been limited choic…

My new chalk board.

I've finally jumped on the band wagon and used chalk paint. I've wanted a chalkboard for the kitchen but to no avail found nothing.  

On my last thrifting haul, I came across a load of amazing goodies.  All I can hear it the jingle of the black spray paint.  

I also found that this metal board for a pound, I loved the shape and swirly parts of the board.

I bought a tin of  black of chalkboard  spray paint, so I've really wanted to use it but never knew what to do it with it.   I purchased Rustoleum chalkboard spray paint for a fiver from Boyes. 

It was my first time using the paint, so I felt apprehensive, but I'm delighted to say it's very easy to use.  I wiped the board clean  with a baby wipe to remove any dust or dirt. No sanding or primer required.  I waited for it  to dry, and I lightly sprayed the painted the board moving from side to side.   It took about an hour to dry. I sprayed both sides with one coat using the paint. Below the first coat and dried the matt…

House Update part three.

I was planning to write a life update but then again it would have been all about the development of the house. I've been meaning to finish my post on Whitby but I've been busy  will return next week. I felt like writing about the progression of Geordie Goth Manor. I remember someone commenting about the house sounding like a manor and since I referred myself as a geordie goth so the name to seemed pretty obvious choice. 

We're still not moved in as the work is still commencing and things are slowly coming together. The amount of money I've spent in the last month has been insane to the point where I've had my bank's fraud team contacting me regarding the spending. I'm ready for an extreme non-spending detox and cleanse. My finances have been contributions from my saving s I haven't spent on travelling and mainly from the bank of Dad who gave me my inheritance early.
I've been wondering where all my money has gone since everything started arriving at …