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Katie's Garden

A few weeks ago, I was presented with an opportunity to attended my first blogger event. The event really appealed to my love of tea, crafting and all things sweet. I was incredibly stoked and surprised to received an invitation, despite having a tiny blog. I wasn't sure what to expect and felt quite nervous about it. It turned out to be one of the most delightful and quirkiest cafes I've ever visited

The event was held at the charming Katie's Garden a whimsical secret garden themed bistro  What makes Katie's Garden unlike any other vintage tea room, I've visited. It offers guests the creative experience of getting crafty, over a cuppa and a slice of cake. 
Katie's Garden is a lovingly-run family business, founded by a mother and daughter Kathryn and Rachel. Their vision was to create a space for anyone to learn and have fun through crafting. With the support of their loved ones and creative industry experience, they established Katie's Garden. Now, in th…

Bargin Bedside Tables

I've been searching for a pair of bedside tables or cabinets but to no avail, I've found nothing. It hasn't helped with my exact specifications of sort of french style, small, Queen Anne legs and something  complimentary to my dressing table.

 As usual, living my jet set lifestyle, I  fancied going for a glamours shopping spree to Byker, so basically a thrifting raid. I find Byker's great for charity shop finds and certainly the last few times, I've got some killer finds for pennies, well not pennies more for a few quid. 

My favourite charity shops are  St. Oswald's Hospice. I'm more than happy to donate my money here; its a local charity, sells great stuff,  always decently priced and plus, I always get fantastic finds. I walked passed one of their furniture stores and spotted a small table sitting outside, I literally grabbed the table like some a crazy person, dashed in, searching for a volunteer, ready to pay immediately, waving my debit card. Questioning…

This Months Outfits

This month has been odd, as it's a transitional season, which I both love and hate, especially with the UK.  Often, I can look forward several seasons in the course of a few hours. One of the things I look forward to is being able to wear boots again, I love my boots.  Another thing I adore is being able to air  the cob webs  from wardrobe  and finally don  my   my long skirts again ( I apologise for some of the crappy photos.).

As I state previously, I source most of my wardrobe from a charity shop, occasionally high street shops I mainly  shop at  TK Maxx or Primark. Sometimes eBay, I've stopped shopping there as often the postage costs more than the item. Sometimes, I have purchased cheap top that have been reasonable quality from the Chinese sellers. Depending on my mood I sew my clothing. I often hate internet shopping, since I can't feel or try items on.  My hometown has no alternative shop anymore, it's a shame but that a sign of times. Also, I feel dissuaded fro…

Halloween Shopping

I can't believe where nearly at the holiest and spookiest months with Halloween approaching. I was hoping to be settled with all my spooky decor up, donning the house but work has meant the date of moving in has been put forward so many times I've stopped making   deadlines. 

I started as early as possible for the UK was late August we're not as enthusiastic about   Halloween  in comparison to our American counterparts. This year, I was so ecstatic, particularly since I now have somewhere to put it. I've been incredibly disappointed as there aren't as many shops stocking Halloween items and lack of  a variety. Personally, I can't understand the reason why as I thought Halloween was becoming popular. 

Despite my grumblings, I still managed to find a few things. The first place to have the Halloween decor  was John Lewis. Where I finally purchase the Vampire and Witch Candle holder, I had my eye on this last year I had limited room.  Still, I'm so stoked but un…