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The Benefit Cosmetic Event.

A big thank you to Laura from Ellefleuence for hosting another fantastic event, and Laura p for making me  like a glamorous starlet and for capturing the entire event. So far I think Laura has done an amazing job bringing more blogger events to the North East. So the future is looking interesting for the North's blogging community. 

I was fortune enough to get invited to Benefits Cosmetics events, held in Debenhams. Like usually, I was running late, despite living so close to Newcastle. The lovely Benebabes took care us. They taught us make-up tutorials and performed some eyebrow wizardry. The ladies weaved their magic transforming our natural brows by  shaping and  a lil' sprinkle of  Benebabes dust into a dream.

Laura Pearman 
 I was greeted to the friendly and dazzling Benebaies  with their immaculate make-up and brows. They kindly greeted me with some nibbles of appetising  pizza. A massive thank you to Manny's for quenching my hunger. Awaiting was a glass of Prosecco…

A Review of Goth City Festival - Launch Weekend.

Last weekend, I've had a blast in Leeds, at the Goth City Festival. This was the launch weekend for the event but the first of it's kind for Leeds and West Yorkshire; I feel just experienced history in the making.

The Goth City Festival was based on celebrating the rich history of post-punk and goth movement within Leeds and Yorkshire. For the celebration, Leeds hosted a series of events from Gigs, acoustic sets and social events, something for everyone. I felt the most interesting event to attend were a discussions panel about Leeds Goth in perspective,  and readings featuring the acclaimed Rosie Garland. The perfect concoction of creativity to honour and induce a bit of dark culture to the city.

 The festival showcased a range of alternative bands associated with the goth scene who have been long established, in the underground scene or to the newest and upcoming acts. The event has been a collaboration of Goth City Promotions ,  Carpe Noctem and the local goth/ alt' comm…

Leashes, The Dystopian Nightmare

I got the opportunity to review Leashes debut album, I really can't waive about this band enough.

Leashes are the latest underground band emerging from the London music scene. Leashes anticipated debut album is released on the 18th November.


When I first listened to their tracks, I was unsure what to make of it. I had a swirling emotion of apathy and hate with a sudden an epiphany, where I finally connected with the album . They shared my sentiments of fear, anger and frustrations. I realised this was a rarity amongst all the bland and repetitive generic music on offer. The album was phenomenal.

The album is a hybrid of music styles from nu metal's, mixing of music genres to the textured, low sounding guitars and bass riffs of savage aggression. To the gloomy themes that dark wave captured in the early 80's of the decimated North. The vocalist sings in an electronic denigrate style which intensifies the trepidation of the songs. The lyrics have a satirical theme reflec…

An Unforgettable Night at Urban Decay

 I attended the Urban Decay Make-Up event, for the winter collection launch. The night was organised by the lovely Laura from ELLEfluence it was the first brand collaboration event for her new platform that launches in the in 2017.  ELLEfluenceplatform
 connects bloggers and brands together, so, definitely worth checking out.

I can only sum night up as fab, fun and informative.
My confession is I've never really been that into make-up . It's only been in recent months I've wanted  to experiment with lipsticks and more dramatic eye makeup. Personally, I've never used Urban Decay products previously, I've heard such amazing reviews from Vloggers. My favourite os Black Friday who swears by Urban Decay and uses All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and Naked 2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette. My curiosity became too overwhelming, so when I found out the event I couldn't resist. 

This was first make-event. I've really wanted to attend more  blogger events to …