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Another Year Over, Another One Begins.

Well, I can't believe it's another year other again, it feels like only yesterday, since I was posting about News Year resolutions, I don't really know how, to begin with describing last year, I feel it has to be one of the worst years on a global perspective. At the beginning of the year, we had the loss of so many talented and beloved celebrities. With artists such as David Bowie, Prince, and one of my favourite actor's Alan Rickman.  The theme has continued throughout the year with recent loss' of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Do I dare mention the recent political changes and turmoil?  I'm not even attempting to discuss that one any further.

For me, this has been one of the best years possible. I've had so many wonderful things happen and met some amazing people. I've purchased my first home thanks to the generosity of my partner and family. Somehow, I've managed to lose half a stone of stubborn weight without, even trying.

 This year, I hav…

My Christmas

All the preparation is over now. Christmas has been and gone. So, we all can chill out and breathe a sigh of relief. With hindsight everything always seems copious amounts of work for one day, from trolling the shops, stressing about presents and doing the prep work for a sumptuous dinner. 

Like in recent times, my Christmas was very quiet a affairs and done on a budget, For example. I've spent about £5 per a person  for present and spent £2 on my nephews, albeit the boyfriends. Either way all the presents seemed to go down well. . Particularly, my nephews who got excited about their chocolate and Star Wars mugs.That was a nice suprise despite the budget everything went down well. 
I got up at 11 and got ready it took me a silly amount time to get ready to the point of insane. I decided to get dressed up a donning bit of glitter and taffeta. Recently things have been really quiet so I've had no reason to both dressing up, so I've been slobbering out. I think Christmas day wa…

My Attempts of a Homemade Christmas

Sorry for not keeping up the Christmas spirit and cheer. It's a combo of busy, feeling lethargic and a bout of the Christmas blues. So I can only apologise for my absence and countdown lateness. Recently, I've a little a bit like Mrs Beeton and wanted to craft and make some Christmas goodies. This is part of the inspiration has been watching Kirsty's Handmade Christmas. 

This Christmas I've been glued to the television watching my favourite Christmas programming host presented by Kristy Allsop. Who originally started her career on a property a TV show and expanded her into home decor programming. I really enjoy her programs as they appeal to my love of old stuff (I occasionally use the word vintage I now detest this the overuse of this word), crafting, and quirky decor.  I fell in love with her first programming focused on re venerating her Cornwall Property with second-hand finds, decor and British crafting.  She presents her first Christmas programming on to do a Hom…

My Christmas Decor.

Sorry for the late post this weekend has been busy and turbulent, so best left unsaid.  This week I wanted to post my Christmas Decor. But I have to mention Ms Misantropia post it feels as though she kicked off this week's countdown with her wonderful post on decor and crafts.  

This year, I wasn't sure if I wanted to decorate after  watching a couple of episodes of Kirstie's Homemade Christmas and attending a couple of Christmas event in my local area I've  succumbed to the Christmas spirit and wanted to decorated. What can I say you  wave  the home crafts carrot in front of me, no matter the season I'm going to be persuaded.  I know other bloggers are doing the Creepmas, which I think is a great idea for us spooky people but it doesn't really appeal to me. I don't really do a spooky Christmas and I'm not a Christmas enthusiast either. I do like a quiet and a simple Christmas and I think it reflected in my decor. Also, the boyfriend stated he didn'…

November's Outfits

The last outfit post I wrote, was very popular, which was surprising for me as I never would consider them being interesting. I thought I would do another one. November was just an insanely busy months with so many things occurring. I tend to find I'm either ridiculously busy or very quiet. It's nice having a busy time but it does get tiring. I love having a relaxing quiet time but sometimes it can get mountainous.  I wish I could find the right balance not it never seems to happen. Last month the weather took a drastic drop in temperature meaning my I'm wearing my puffy marshmallow coat for the winter  and to adjust to the temperature change  

My first outfit was just what I wore for volunteering at the library. The top was a cheap Ebay find for £4, it's not bad quality for the money. The only things are arms are slightly tight on my biceps, this is nothing unusual for me. The black lower body is a high polyester content making uncomfortable for me to wear so I need …