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Things have been rather quiet on my blog for the last week or so.  I've been on holiday with Mam to Malta and enjoying some much needed Mediterranean sun. Well, I can't believe it's been close to three years since last going aboard. My Mam paid for my flights as part of my  Christmas present. As her partner has a holiday apartment it permits for a cheap get away.

This is my third visit, I like Malta but the only thing on my first visit I did most of the cultural attractions. This time I'm on a budget, so, I haven't visited many places apart from my favourites. I more just enjoyed getting away having a break and taking photographs. 

Malta consists of three Island Malta, Gozo and Comino located in the Mediterrian sea between North Africa and Scilly. Malta earliest civilisation dates from 5200Bc and under occupation for its strategical location. The Island under Moorish control until the Byzantines repelled the Muslims where the Norman Sicilians occupied for over four c…

A Festive Time In Hexham

Last week, I felt very nostalgic and melancholy for a yearning for the return of Christmas, after taking most of the decor down my sitting room feels bare with no black sparkly tinsel tree. 

 For me, this is an odd sensation, I explain the rationale of my feeling. Is age? The first year of the festive period in my new home?  Or perhaps, waking up at 6 am on a cold morning and seeing the thick fluffy virgin snow lying everywhere resonating the sensations of Christmas.

So this feeling has brought back a memory I wanted to share it's not grand, fabulous or amazing. Just the simplicity of revisiting my favourite place accompanied by the other half.

Over the festive period, we over indulge on the sofa, watching festive films and pursuing our own interest me crafting, and him,  gaming. We rarely venture from the comfort of our home.

On Thursday, we ventured up to my favourite Northumbrian Market Town, Hexham. I  love going up at least twice a year to visit not to mention a good excuse for a…

My New Coasters.

For my bedroom, I've wanted a couple of  coasters, but I've been a real cheapskate refusing to pay £2 for a set. 

Originally, I had en-suite bathroom, that got ripped because of the shoddy workmanship. I asked if the work men could retain some of the black tiles, but were  most of tiles were redundant.   

However, I was able to find two viable ones perfect for coasters. The coaster only need a clean, I wanted to tart them up.  

 I had some of my favourirte sticky back plastic left over. 

 I placed the tile on the sticky back plastic and cut around it.  

I cut out a piece of  vinyl big enough to wrap around all the tiles a bit like wrapping a present. Cut the excess out of the corners.

I folded the two larger pieces first and the narrower sides this assisted creating a neater finish. 

The back looked fine, but I wanted to finish the back of the coasters felt.