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Craft Along With GIY; Lap Tray Make Over with Literature and Macabre

So finally, I've got a project I can contribute to Craft Along with GIY. The theme had been to interpret the theme of crafting either with letters and numbers. This task had me a stumbling back until I thought to try something different with my current project.  

 I purchased this lap tray ages ago, with the intention of adding the goth factor to it or simply paint it black. I got this from a local brick and brac furniture shop for a pound,  surprisingly its amazing quality compared to other I've seen. I was planning to use the tray for my netbook. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but just never got around this.

I remember reading somewhere you're able to substitute acrylic paint for fabric paint. What I read,  recommends using watering down the paint with 1 part water to 9 part paint. 

Surprisingly it seemed to work, I didn't think it would work so effectively, once the paint dried the fabric became stiff and highlighted the batik pattern, it looks quite int…

The Body Shop Blogger Event

On Thursday, I was invited to the Body Shops Blogging event at the Metro Centres. It started at six,  and I arrived surprisingly on time, considering I'm always late. I was hoping to meet up with some lovely bloggers. 

I was greeted with being introduced to my own personal assistant, who made feel very special. They showed me around and highlighted the Body Shop's latest products. My confession it's been years since I've stepped in the body shop. I remember as a child going in with Mam, and my olfactory senses being delighted by all the delicious aromas; my favourite was their strawberry soap.  Back then it had more of hippy bohemian vibes, it was like Lush of its days. Now after Years, it's transformed into a luxurious and sophisticated mini spa.  

I was offered the selection beverages everything from a girl's favourite pressco or non-acholic Elderberry bubbly.  I was shown their gorgeous fragrances, each was beautifully scented, each smell more natural and with…

My First Vampires Soiree: Love and My Favourite Vampires.

This is my first Vampire Soiree and anything which distracts my attention from this most hideous of days is always good.  I'm not against the celebration of love. It's one of the things I believe in the most and the transformation it has on people. During these darkest of times, it's what we needed most. I believe in love it should be celebrated throughout every second of every day and be practised throughout with the simple gestures of time, need and in compassion; rather than one day that wreaks of falseness and consumerism purchasing a rubbish card stating how much it loves you with a generic poem. It should be them small gestures of where you've had a crappy day,  and the other half smiles at you, hugs you and makes you an Earl Gray tea means far more to me than anything else.

Thank you,Holly's Horrorland

My ramblings aside, we're here to discuss vampires. Like most of the dark of community, I've been that teenage girl, fantasising of being wooed by the…

Bat Fit Update.

My first month of Bat fit went exceptionally well until I went on holiday it's fell apart. 

I'm only sewing while at my sewing classes. After the upheaval of decorating and moving my crap in. I'm slowly getting on top of it. I plan to retake up crafting when the room is more organised. I've volunteered to do some small crafting workshops with a local community organisation.  I've taken a shelf up at Bensham Grove to sell my crafts I never sold at the community craft market, and payment is on a commission basis.  

I'm attending a free local community photography course, is quite interesting and challenging. It's making me think more about photography and perspective. Meeting some of the locals.  
I found a job; I'm a keyholder for community centre but it's at the bottom of my street. It's not many hours but the money is quite good. I still need to another job with more hours. 
I'm still gazing in the charity shops but I haven't been purchasin…

Decmbers, January and Febs' Outfit Post.

I'm still regularly posting about my gothier outfits. During December my skin was horrendous, I wore no make-up and lived in comical t-shirts and leggings. Presently, it's been a bit busier than in December but less hectic than November. There is a theme of rediscovering old clothing. 


This was my Christmas Outfit. Most of my outfit was sourced from charity shops and eBay. It was my first time wearing the skirt and shoes they were so comfy but looked smart. I'm in fallen in love with the skirt, again.

I wore this outfit when I went to Hexham, by this point, I was so frustrated at not wearing makeup and dressing a bit more gothy. I  had a limited time to get dressed, and I fancied wearing my blouses and long skirt. The blouse is from a charity shop and I sewed the skirt. 

I wore this for my first sewing class; most of the month I lived in my travel student garb of leggings and comical t-shirts. I should probably stop wearing and start dressing my age of mature …

My Terror At The Circus of Horrors

Last Friday Night, the boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see The Circus of Horrors. I mentioned when by chance passing one of their advertisement and commenting I've always wanted to see the show.

The Circus of Horrors was held at the Victorian Tyneside Theatre and Opera House. I was surprised to learn the show has been touring for over two decades and this year,  this is the twenty-first year of touring. It all began as an act at Glastonbury festival, instantaneously was a success; leading to calibrations with Motley Crue, Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper. Every Year the show perform to a theme, and this year was The Neverending Nightmare” mind twisted of Alice and Wonderland.

On entering we greeted by a few of the performers, I must comment I was envious of their costumes.

We went to find our seats were fantastic  four rows away from the stage.We were greeted by a wandering vampire looking very solemn known as Camp Dracula; the love child of Bela Lugosi Kenneth Williams.

The Circ…