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Bye bye Community Photography Class

On Saturday, my community photography class ended it was not an accredit course so there is no certificate but I assumed that. I think it's was an interesting way to bring the community together and learn some new skills. So, it's nice to have my Saturday afternoons free but I'm going to miss it , particularly the banter and the great jokes.

I am so happy I attended,  it meant I got to meet some of the locals and improved my photography skills. It gives a better understanding of the principles of photography such as light, shadow composition and how to bring emotion into my photos. The most important thing, I've taken away is perspective and how to adapt my own position to take a photograph that captures the most impact. During the course consciously, I never thought I had learnt anything until I went to Glasgow I realised subconsciously; meaning I taken fewer photos but they all seem more aesthetically appealing and a superior quality.

Here are some of my favourites…

A Small Tribute to Pandemonium

So, I learnt from a Facebook friends post yesterday,  Pandemonium has shut in Whitby. I am feeling down about this as another goth shop has shut. I'm going, to be honest, and state I wasn't a frequent shopper, but every time I did visit Whitby it was always on my ex's and our itineraries.

Pandemonium was a charming little goth shop with a purple exterior that was celebrated it's 18th birthday last month and established back in 1999.  Selling a galore of goodies for the darkly inclined and surprised to learn the home of the Whitby International Pirate Society, my ex and a few friends are involved with. 

We used to usually visited for days out  or  if I visited with my Dad for the afternoon. He loved looking at the fishing boats and talk about mechanics.

I remember the  purples haired small lady behind the counter,  I think she was called Lara,. She was always a lovely and cordial lady who always made me feel welcome and offered a good chat.  I loved the shop decor de…

Date Release For The Second Goth City Festival

Last year,  I attended  Leeds, Goth City Festival debut; a series of events celebrating Leeds post-punk, and gothic heritage. The festivities raised £3,500 for local charity PAFRAS. 

Well, I was absolutely ecstatic to find out a second event has been announced after the success of last year. It promises to be even "Bigger, Better and Gothier"  With the aim of the festival to become part of the UK Goth Calender

The dates have been confirmed commencing between the 5th to 21st October. City promotion stated, "We have worked to avoid any clashes with other goth events run by our colleagues." Further commenting, " It avoids a situation where some potential members of our audience may be short of money post-Whitby and pre-Xmas, and means the festival will take place in the pre-Halloween"
Goth City Promotions have pledged a new lineup of even more talented performers; consisting of the latest upcoming acts and underground acts within the alternative scence. …

Glasgow Necropolis

The Boyfriend and me, have been up to Glasgow for the week. On Saturday morning first on my itinerary was Glasgow's infamous Necropolis, I've been wanting to visit for years. The morning was damp and chilly. The weather was gloomy and a grey morning, which created the perfect lighting for some photography.

I feel like a cliche a goth in a cemetery doing photography, I loved every moment.

Surprisingly, in the early 19th century the necropolis was a public arboretum and park. In 1832, the law changed regarding burials, previously it had been the parish's responsibility to bury the dead. With the cultural shift and expanding population the ever growing need and desires to establish the cemetery. In Glasgow, The Merchant House oversaw the planning, starting in 1831, and George Mylne was appointed in charge of the landscaping and work was completed by 1832. The intention for the burial was to be interdenominational for everyone of any religion to be interred. The first intermen…